Rock Valley College
Modern Languages

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department at Rock Valley College offers beginning and intermediate classes in French, German, and Spanish. Consider adding a language class to your Associate of Arts or Associate in
Science degree plan!

  • French 101, 102
  • German 101, 102
  • Spanish 101, 102, 203, 204

** If you studied at least one year of a language in high school, you may be eligible for placement into a 102 or higher language class at Rock Valley College! Stop by Academic Advising or the Records Office on the second floor of the Student Center for more information. **

The AMERICAN COUNCIL ON THE TEACHING OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES (ACTFL) has identified many benefits of language learning:

  • Supporting academic achievement – language learning has been shown to greatly enhance overall student performance.
  • Improving a student’s cognitive function – language learning has been shown to improve problem solving skills, verbal and spatial abilities, memory, and creative
  • thinking capacity.
  • Creating positive attitudes and beliefs about language learning and other cultures – language learning helps students discover new horizons and cultures, understand global and multicultural issues, and be open-minded with less prejudice toward a diversity of people.

ACTFL also suggests that language learning may improve your employability in our current global economy. Those who have studied another language may have a competitive edge in the marketplace, especially in government, business, medicine, law, and many other areas.