Rock Valley College

Pre-100 Level Math Courses

The Rock Valley College Mathematics Department offers developmental courses for students who do not meet the prerequisites for college transfer level mathematics courses and various career technical programs.

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Developmental Math Options at RVC:

Modular Option (Sequence of 8-week courses)

  • Earn two credits each eight weeks for the courses you need.
  • Includes: MTH 088, 089, 091, 092, 093, 094
  • If you plan to register for one of the above modular courses, read about Math Module Registration.

Accelerated Options

Taking MTH 096Aor MTH O96S is a way to get through developmental math faster, but you must be willing to put in the extra time and work it takes to be successful in these courses.

1. MTH 096A – Mathematical Literacy for College Students

One-semester course based in real-life applications that satisfies the prerequisite for MTH 115 and MTH 220.

2. MTH 096S – Combining Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

Fast-paced course covering the content of MTH 091, 092, 093, and 094 in one semester.

Read course descriptions for all developmental math courses below.

Number Title
  MTH-088 Prealgebra Part I
  MTH-089 Prealgebra Part II
  MTH-091 Beginning Algebra Part I
  MTH-092 Beginning Algebra Part II
  MTH-093 Intermediate Algebra Part I
  MTH-094 Intermediate Algebra Part II
  MTH-096S Combined Beg & Intermediate Algebra
  MTH-096A Mathematical Literacy-College Students
  MTH-097 Elementary Plane Geometry

Who Needs to Take MTH 097 (Geometry)

Geometry is required for students taking MTH 100, 120, 132, or 216 who have not passed geometry in high school. If you earned C's or better in high school geometry, you are eligible for a MTH 097 waiver. Read Geometry Options for more information on the MTH 097 course, waiver, and competency test.

Policy on Repeating Developmental Math Courses

After three non-passing grades (D, F, or W) in a developmental math course within a five-year period, you must meet with the Dean to get permission to enroll in a developmental math course again.