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Math Advising

This page is intended to give you additional information about RVC math courses to help you plan your schedule.

It is best to talk to an RVC counselor who can advise you about what math classes you should take for your specific program of study or intended transfer school.

Math Advising Questions

Who is MTH 096A (Mathematical Literacy for College Students) for?

If you know the only college-level math class you will need to take is MTH 115 (General Education Mathematics) or MTH 220 (Statistics), consider taking MTH 096A. MTH 096A is a 6-credit course focused on problem solving in real-world contexts. By taking MTH 096A you can satisfy the prerequisite for MTH 115 and MTH 220 in one semester. The prerequisite for MTH 096A is grades of C or higher in MTH 088 & 089 or a sufficiently high placement test score.

Who can take MTH 096S (Combined Beginning and Intermediate Algebra)?

MTH 096S is a fast paced, 6-credit course that covers all the content of both Beginning Algebra (MTH 091-092) and Intermediate Algebra (MTH 093-094) in one semester. Students who scored a 45 or higher on the RVC Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) Elementary Algebra Test or earned A's in both MTH 088 & 089 are eligible to enroll in MTH 096S.

Who needs to take MTH 097 (Geometry)?

Geometry is required for students taking MTH 100, 120, 132, or 216 who have not passed geometry in high school.  Geometry is no longer a prerequisite for MTH 115 or 220. If you earned C's or better in high school geometry, you are eligible for a MTH 097 waiver. There is also a Geometry Competency Test you can take. Read Geometry Options for more information on the MTH 097 course, waiver, and competency test.

If you take MTH 097 (Geometry), when should you take it?

Once you've earned a "C" or higher in beginning algebra, you may enroll in MTH 097. You have the option of taking MTH 097 before, in the same semester as, or after taking intermediate algebra. (Unless mathematics is a fairly easy subject for you, it is not recommended that you take both geometry and intermediate algebra in the same semester.)  If you will eventually be taking MTH 100, MTH 120 or MTH 132, it is best to take intermediate algebra in the semester right before taking those math courses.  

What college-level math course(s) should you take?

There are a variety of college-level math courses that you can choose from at Rock Valley College. The class you should choose depends on your intended major.

See suggested math courses for various majors

If you're planning to get a AA or AS degree, you'll need to take at least one of the following IAI-approved math courses: MTH 115, MTH 135, MTH 160, MTH 211, MTH 217, MTH 220, MTH 235, or MTH 236.

Who should take MTH 120 (College Algebra)?

MTH 120 is primarily intended for students who need it as a prerequisite for another math course such as MTH 125, MTH 135, MTH 160, and MTH 211.

Who is MTH 132 (College Algebra and Trigonometry) recommended for?

MTH 132 is 5-credit course that is intended for students preparing for MTH 135 (Calculus I). It covers the content of both College Algebra (MTH 120) and Trigonometry (MTH 125).  Because MTH 132 covers the topics at a more rapid pace than those individual courses, it is recommended that students have earned an "A" or "B" in intermediate algebra (MTH 093 & 094 or MTH 096S) before enrolling in MTH 132. Also, if you recently took the equivalent of college algebra and trigonometry in high school and want a "refresher" before enrolling in calculus, MTH 132 would be a good option for you.