Rock Valley College

Geometry Options

Students who will take MTH 100, 120, 132, or 216 must satisfy the state geometry requirement in one of the following ways:

1) Take MTH 097 and pass it with a C or better.  It may be taken after passing MTH 092 or MTH 096S.  It may be taken before, in the same semester as, or after MTH 093 or MTH 094.

Note:  If you already passed MTH 096A (Mathematical Literacy for College Students) with a C or higher, you do not have to take MTH 097.


2) Submit a MTH 097 Waiver Form and your high school transcript to the Records Office (2nd floor of the Student Center) showing that you completed a high school geometry course with grades of C or higher in both semesters. If you already submitted your high school transcript to RVC, you may have already been granted the waiver--check with the Records Office if you are unsure.


3) Pass the RVC Geometry Competency Test to show that you have sufficient knowledge of the geometry topics taught in MTH 097.  Read on for specific ways to prepare for the test.

TIP:  Many students find the test to be more comprehensive than they expected.  You will need familiarity with proofs and formulas as well as geometry concepts.  It is strongly advised that you use one of the preparation methods listed from the link above or use the online program MyMathTest described below.

Preparing for the Geometry Competency Test

The Geometry Competency Test link above will take you to a Testing Center webpage with information about the test questions and some ways to study on your own using books and free online links.

There is another online option available that will give you a short test to see what you know and then many problems to practice to prepare for the test.  If you don’t like teaching yourself through books, this is a good interactive option. Go to the "Refreshing Your Skills" page for registration information.