Rock Valley College

Classroom Policies and Procedures

Plagiarism: Any student caught plagiarizing in this class will automatically receive the grade of “F” in the course. Cheating:Any student caught cheating in this course will automatically receive the grade of “F” in the course. 


Attendance:  All courses are project based and involve teamwork and classroom lecture to support the projects.  Attendance is required.  There are no unexcused absences from this course.  An excused absence consists of a death in the family, extreme illness or participation in official college sanctioned activity that forces you to miss class.  You must provide proper documentation for the absence to be excused.  For every class missed there will be 25 points automatically deducted from your final grade.  If you are absent more than 3 times you will be dropped from the course. 


Tardiness:  Class starts on the hour.  If you are not in your seat or in your production position at the start of the hour you will automatically lose 10 points from your final grade.  If you are tardy more than 3 times, you will be dropped from the course. 


Identification Cards:  You are required to wear your Mass Communication Identification Card at all times while in the Center for Media Production.  Any student without an ID Card will be asked to leave.  Any guest that you bring to the Center for Media Production must remain with you at all times and you are responsible for their behavior.  If your ID is lost or stolen you MUST file a report with the Rock Valley College Police Department and the Instructional Technician Immediately. 


Mass Communication Classes:  May be recorded via video, audio, or still photography for use in Mass Communication Department promotional material, including but not limited to:  postcards, posters, and handouts, and may also be used on the public Rock Valley College website, YouTube Channel, Vimeo Account, or on the Mass Communication Dept private Facebook page.  These recordings may also be used for teaching purposes.  


18 Hour Access:  The college has given you the privilege of having 18 hour access to this facility.  If at anytime, any student causes a situation where the access privilege is questioned by the RVC Administration, RVC Police Department or The Mass Communication Department Chair, the access will be revoked from all students.  If you are in the facility after 9 p.m. or on the weekend you must contact the RVC Police Department to inform them that you are in the building and estimate the amount of time you will be in the building. 


Equipment:  Equipment is only available for check in and check out when the student employees are on duty.  Faculty are not permitted to check in or check out equipment.  Equipment cannot be checked out for more than 24-hours.  Anyone who keeps equipment longer than the scheduled return time will have 10 points deducted from their final grade.  Equipment is for student use only.  While you are permitted to use equipment for non-class projects (we consider that practicing) you may not use RVC equipment to make money or to help someone else make money.  Additionally our equipment may not be used in the production of pornography or to document illegal activities such as drug use.  When in doubt, use what should be common sense. 


Copyright: Rock Valley College owns the Copyright to any material produced with Rock Valley College equipment and facilities.  You may continue to use your work for promotion and screening, but Rock Valley College holds the rights to any profit made. 


Props: Any props that are related to weapons (guns, knives, axes etc..) must first be approved by the Chief of Campus Police.  You are not allowed to bring these props to campus without approval.  Please plan accordingly. 


Revoking Equipment and Facility Access:  We work on a 3 strike system for the entire facility and for the individual student.  Strike 1 is a warning.  Strike 2 Equipment and Facility Access is denied for the weekend.  Strike 3 Equipment and Facility Access is denied for the remainder of the semester.  Only the Academic Chair of the department may reinstate or revoke access. 


Drive Up:  If you need to drive up to drop off or pick up equipment you must first contact the RVC Police Department to get permission. 


Emergencies:  If you contact the RVC Police Department for any reason other than informing them you are in the building or equipment pick up or return, or loss of an ID or Key, you should contact the Instructional Technician immediately.  If for any reason you cannot reach the Instructional technician, try each member of the staff until you reach someone. 


Cleaning: Our facilities are toured on almost daily basis by local dignitaries, local media, alumni and prospective students.  It is your responsibility to keep this place as clean as possible.  Food and drinks are only allowed in the lounge area and in the classroom. 


Computers:  Computers are for audio and video production, research, and script writing.  No games, or downloading of music or video, or software files is allowed.  If you are caught your access will be removed.  To protect the integrity of our systems, no editing stations are connected to the Internet.   There are two computers in the facility that can be used for Internet access. 


EAGLE:  Much of the communication that will take place between your fellow classmates and the instructor will be posted on EAGLE. You will find assignments, study guides and other important information posted here.  Engineering:  No student is allowed to make any changes to any wiring or programs without the express permission of the faculty.  Anyone caught doing so will have their access removed. 


General Guidelines on Equipment:  Equipment should never be left in your car.  Heat and or cold cause damage to the equipment.  Avoid extreme temperature changes such shooting outside for a long period of time and then moving the equipment to heated or cooled location, condensation will form.  Do not place equipment in dangerous situations such as fires, on the roof of a moving automobile, in the path of landing aircraft etc….your safety and the safety of our gear is YOUR responsibility.  Remember, if you damage equipment you will be billed for it.