Rock Valley College

English Courses (Composition)

English courses at RVC help you communicate more effectively in a range of academic, professional, and personal writing situations. 

The composition sequence at RVC—ENG 098, ENG 100, ENG 101, ENG 103, ENG 110, and ENG 200—are, broadly speaking, designed to help you achieve the following important outcomes:

  1. To use an effective writing process, which includes strategies to plan, draft, and edit.
  2. To adapt writing to meet the demands or constraints of a specific situation. 
  3. To formulate an argument and support it with good reasons and evidence.
  4. To integrate, in an ethical manner, sources of information and perspective into writing. 

No matter which class you enroll in, we assume that you will enter with a foundation already in place—that is, a wide range of knowledge, experiences, skills, and techniques. Our goal is not simply to re-teach what you already know but rather to help you build upon that foundation. While this might include a review of some “basics” so that we are all on the same page, you should expect, at each level of the composition sequence, to encounter ideas and strategies that challenge you to develop and grow. We ask only that you come to our composition classes open to new ways of thinking about old problems and eager to get even better at this thing you already know how to do. 

Writing is not strictly about the transmission of knowledge and perspective in academic or professional environments, however. Our creative writing courses—ENG 108, 206, 207, 209—target a different purpose for writing—imaginative expression. While it is incredibly important to write effectively in school and in your career, we believe it is just as important to tap into the deeper, creative resources inside you. We invite you to consider enrolling in these valuable courses when they are available.

It is always recommended that you talk to an academic advisor about your educational goals and to learn more about specific programs.

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