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Join forces to earn a certificate for your successful future!

Rock Valley College offers of the most comprehensive welding programs in the area. You're given the opportunity to develop skills using common, manual, and semi-automatic welding processes. Industrial safety, blueprint reading,  basic metal fabrication, and welding will prepare you for an entry level position in welding,  construction, manufacturing and fabrication industries. 

RVC is an American Welding Society accredited test facility so students have the opportunity to take a certification test after the completion of our 24 credit certificate program.

Female welding student Jo Beck in RVC's Welding Program

Breaking Barriers: Jo Beck

We sat down with Jo Beck, current RVC student who is taking courses in Welding, to talk about her experience with majoring in a male dominated field.

Welder Certificate

#8218 (31 Credits)

Graduates who earn a Welder certificate are adept in welding safety and various welding processes including:

  • Oxyfuel welding and cutting
  • Shielded Metal Arc (STICK)
  • GMAW (MIG)
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • FCAW

Welding certification can be acquired in several processes.

We also offer an Assembly Line Welder Certificate, #8210 (12 Credits).