Rock Valley College

Welding Certificate

Certificate: 24 credits
Program Contact: Division of Technical Programs, (815) 921-3000

Program Overview

Graduates are adept in the various welding types, including gas, shielded metal arc (STICK), metal inert gas (MIG), flux core, and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Welding certification can be acquired in one or more welding processes.

Work & Employment

In today’s metalworking industry, welding is rapidly becoming the most commonly used method of joining metals. Opportunities exist in the steel fabrication, plumbing and pipefitting, construction, automotive, nuclear, and sheet metal industries, as well as in facilities maintenance.

*Students are required to furnish their own personal protective equipment. 


Number Title Credits
  WLD-100 Introduction to Welding (3)
  WLD-150 Blueprint Reading for Welders (3)
  WLD-152 Arithmetic for Welders (3)
  WLD-153 Arc Welding - Flat (3)
  WLD-154 Arc Welding - Vertical (3)
  WLD-155 Arc Welding - Horizontal (3)
  WLD-156 Arc Welding - Overhead (3)

Select one course from the following:

Number Title Credits
  WLD-157 M.I.G. Welding (3)
  WLD-158 T.I.G. Welding (3)
  WLD-159 Arc Welding - Bellhole/Pipe (3)
  WLD-161 Arc Welding - Arkansas/Pipe (3)
  WLD-175 Certification Qualification Prep (3)
  WLD-181 Special Topics Welding (1)
  WLD-182 Internship in Welding Technology (1)
  WLD-180 Independent Study in Welding (1)

Gainful Employment Program Requirements

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