Rock Valley College

Sample 2 Year Plan of Study

Sustainable Energy Systems

This sample 2 Year Plan of Study for the RVC Sustainable Energy Systems degree will give you an outline for a suggested way to approach taking your courses each semester.

You should still meet with an Academic Advisor regularly to make sure you are on the proper track.


Fall Semester- Year 1

Number Title
  EET-141 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics I
  EET-105 Introduction to Sustainable Energy
  MET-100 Introductory CAD and Print Reading
  EET-107 Introduction to Codes and Standards
  MTH-125 Plane Trigonometry
  MTH-132 College Algebra & Trigonometry
  MTH-100 Technical Mathematics

Spring Semester- Year 1

Number Title
  EET-142 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics II
  EET-135 Digital Electronics
  EET-190 Sustainable Electrical Energy Generation
  MET-162 Applied Physics
  ENG-101 Composition I

* ETA Certification Exam Level 1

Spring Semester- Year 2

Number Title
  EET-282 EET Capstone Project
  EET-298 EET Seminar
  EET-168 Electronic Engineering Tech Intern

* Plus 3-credit EET elective AND 3-credit General Education elective (SPH 131 is recommended)