Rock Valley College

Nursing (A.A.S. Degree)

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science - 64 credits (Limited Transfer & Limited Enrollment)
ADN Program Length: 4 semesters core nursing
Program contact: (815) 921-3261

Program Overview

The Associate Degree Nursing(ADN) Program prepares graduates to work as entry-level registered professional nurses (RN) in a variety of health care settings, including acute care facilities, long-term care facilities and many specialty health care facilities. As the health care industry needs change, five RN-BSN partnerships have been formed to provide our students with seamless educational pathway options for obtaining their BSN. The nursing program consists of four semesters of core nursing courses integrating theory, lab and clinical experiences which meet the standards of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act. 

Supervision by experienced and credentialed nursing faculty allows students to develop and practice safe, competent entry level nursing skills. The professional registered nurse program is highly competitive. It is recommended that as many general education credits as possible are completed before beginning the nursing curriculum. We require that you meet with an academic advisor to plan your pathway, to ensure a seamless transition from RN toward BSN. Meeting minimum criteria for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The Nursing Program reserves the right to make final decisions based upon the qualifications of the applicant pool for each admission cycle.


We want to ensure that each nursing student completes the program in a timely manner and seamlessly transfers to one of our five RN-BSN partners with ease, therefore all prospective nursing students are required to attend a Nursing Information Session and meet with an academic advisor.

Program Standards & Expectations

The nursing program is responsible for providing our community with quality nurses who care for their clients safely. In order to become a quality, safe practicing nurse, students will be required to attend all classes and all clinicals. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to clinical sites.

All nursing courses require a "C", which is 80% to pass.  Students who do not earn a "C" (80%) or better in any given nursing course will remediate by course repetition.  Course repetition is only allowed once.

All supporting courses/electives required for the degree must also be completed with a "C" or higher in order to receive the A.A.S. degree in nursing. 

Program Completion

Upon successful completion of the nursing program, students will sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to earn the credentials of RN (Registered Nurse).  This process has additional fees. Approximately $450

  • Fingerprinting Fee
  • Application Fee for NCLEX-RN testing
  • NCLEX-RN Exam Fee
  • RN Licensure Fee

RN-BSN Transfer Options

Graduates from the RVC nursing program have transfer options to any of the five RN-BSN partners.  While most RN-BSN programs have similar requirements, there are some variances. For those students with a previous Bachelor's degree, RN-BSN requirements are different. Also, there are additional options for RN-MSN completions for those who have a previous Bachelor's degree. Therefore, to ensure all students transition with ease and in a timely manner, meeting with an academic advisor to map out an educational pathway is required.

The nursing program provides clinical education at various clinical agencies. The nursing program must adhere to these facilities' requirements. All admitted students will be required to provide the following at the expense of the student.  Blood work can be done at your doctor's office, Health Department or AnyTime Lab (815) 397-8370.

  • Physical exam

  • Tdap (within 10 years)

  • TB 2-Step and Annual TB test (for Annual QuantiFeron TV Gold blood test)

  • MMR Titers

  • Varicella Titers

  • Hepatitis B 3 shot series & Titer

  • CPR

  • Health Insurance

  • 10-Panel Drug Testing

  • GSA/IOG Background Check

Course Schedule

Required General Education Courses: 27 credits
Associate Degree Nursing Core Courses: 43 credits
Total Nursing Program: 64 credits

In order to be considered for admission, the following must first be completed:

  • Completed RN Program Application
  • Application Deadlines: must be submitted to Nursing Office by:
    • Fall Enrollment: February 15
    • Spring Enrollment: August 15

Requirements ADN Program (counted towards degree credit)

Number Title
  BIO-185 Foundations Anatomy & Physiology
  BIO-274 Microbiology
  ENG-101 Composition I
  PSY-170 General Psychology
  NRS-104 Pathophysiology: Altered Health Concepts

* indicates the required General Education and/or electives courses
** BIO 185 and BIO 274 must be taken within five years to NRS-104; BIO-185 may be replaced by BIO-281 & BIO-282
*** must be taken within two years to admission to the Nursing program

Second Semester

Number Title
  NRS-221 Behavioral Health/Older Adult Nursing
  NRS-223 Adult Health Nursing I

Includes one 3 credit elective.

Third Semester

Number Title
  NRS-235 Family & Reproductive Health Nursing
  NRS-237 Adult Health Nursing II

Includes one 3 credit elective.

Fourth Semester

Number Title
  NRS-241 Child & Family Health Nursing
  NRS-243 Adult Health Nursing III
  NRS-245 Transition to Professional Nursing

Includes one 3 credit elective.

Electives- Choose 9 credits from the following:

Number Title
  FWS-237 Nutrition for Optimum Living
  MTH-220 Elements of Statistics
  PSY-270 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  SOC-190 Introduction to Sociology
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication

* indicates the required General Education and/or elective courses

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