Rock Valley College

Mechatronics Courses

Mechatronics Trainers/Machines that RVC students will be working on during their Mechatronics Courses

The program is designed for you to complete the first 16-credit certificate (comprised of 16, 1-credit courses) and be ready to enter the workforce.

Certificate 1 Courses – Fundamentals of Mechatronics (#8710)

Number Title
  MEC-100 Mechanical Systems I
  MEC-101 Mechanical Systems II
  MEC-102 Mechanical Systems III
  MEC-110 Electrical Systems I
  MEC-111 Electrical Systems II
  MEC-112 Electrical Systems III
  MEC-120 Graphics I
  MEC-121 Graphics II
  MEC-122 Graphics III
  MEC-130 Robotics and Automation I
  MEC-131 Robotics and Automation II
  MEC-132 Robotics and Automation III
  MEC-140 Advanced Manufacturing I
  MEC-141 Advanced Manufacturing II
  MEC-142 Advanced Manufacturing III
  STU-103 Workplace Ethics

Certificate 2 Courses – Advanced Mechatronics (#8711)

*Includes all of these plus Certificate I courses.

Enroll Together, Save Money!

Keep your total program cost less by enrolling in Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems and Advanced Manufacturing courses in the same semester. Only one access code is required to be purchased for these classes when taken together.