Rock Valley College

Fire Science Certificates

Basic Operations Firefighter Certificate/7501

Number Title Credits
  FRE-103 Hazardous Material Operations (3)
  FRE-106 Rescue Practices (3)
  FRE-112 Vehicle/Machinery Rescue Operations (3)
  FRE-180 Essentials of Firefighting I (3)
  FRE-181 Essentials of Firefighting II (3)
  FRE-182 Essentials of Firefighting III (3)
  FRE-240 Fire Protection Internship (1)

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate/7535

Number Title Credits
  FRE-223 Emergency Medical Technician (9)

Foundation of the Fire Service Certificate/7521

Number Title Credits
  FRE-101 Intro to Fire Protection (3)
  FRE-106 Rescue Practices (3)
  FRE-118 Building Construction-Fire Protection (3)
  FRE-208 Fire Prevention Principles (3)

Gainful Employment Program Requirements

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