Rock Valley College

Physical Education Center (PEC)

Completed in August of 2009, the $13 million PEC renovation project provided a significant and much needed upgrade to the original facility that was built in 1973. In addition to providing improvements desperately needed for RVC’s athletes, the remodeled PEC expanded the resources for the Fitness, Wellness, and Sport curriculum.

PEC lecture hallThe remodel included five modern “smart” classrooms (see left) with the latest technology that accommodate 25 to 40 students each and a lecture hall that seats 96. These classrooms have allowed the FWS programs to expand and offer additional sections of its most popular classes. Beginning Spring 2010, a new Associate in Applied Science degree for Fitness, Wellness, and Sport began being offered in both Exercise Science and Sport Management concentrations, while two 24 credit hour certificates, one in Coaching Education and one in Personal Training, are also offered.

Fitness LabStudents, student-athletes, staff, and faculty have all benefitted from the state-of-the-art Fitness Lab, located on the west side of the facility. The Fitness Lab (see right) is a Cybex Showcase facility which houses an assortment of cardiovascular machines, weight lifting machines, and free weight equipment. Adjacent to the Fitness Lab is the Dance/Exercise Studio. Previously housed on the ground floor of the building, the Dance Studio was relocated to the main level and is bigger, better, and more accessible than ever.

Accessibility was another key issue the remodel addressed. A distinct main entrance now exists on the north side of the facility, and all entrances to the building are now handicap accessible and lead visitors into the main level of the building. Also, prior to the remodel, visitors were required to go downstairs to access restrooms, but now the building is conveniently equipped with restrooms on both floors. 

PEC Track RVC student-athletes and coaches now enjoy a new wood gym floor, as well as a multi-purpose athletic surface with a 1/10 mile three lane track (see left) and interchangeable volleyball and basketball courts. Locker room facilities were also enlarged and upgraded, and a new scoreboard and concession stand were added for game days. 

Perhaps most importantly, the entire building was designed and built with a focus on energy efficiency. A “Green Build” philosophy was incorporated and allowed the college to obtain Gold level L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. To help reach this goal, the facility was built by utilizing recycled products in its construction to drastically reduce energy consumption (see table below for more details), making this building the first of its kind in Rockford. 


Sustainable Design Strategies

There are four levels of L.E.E.D. certification (certified, silver, gold, and platinum) and Rock Valley College has been awarded the gold level for the PEC remodel. Listed below are just some of the sustainable design strategies that went into the PEC project.

  • 95% of the existing building shell was reused
  • 75% of construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills
  • 20% of the new materials used in the construction were recycled materials
  • Preferred parking spots were created for low emitting vehicles
  • An efficient HVAC system was installed to reduce operational energy usage and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Low-flow toilets, urinals, showers, and solar powered faucets were installed to improve water efficiency
  • Low emitting materials were used throughout the building
  • Natural light in office areas and Fitness Center is distributed throughout the building through the use of reflective wall coverings