Rock Valley College

Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) Certificates

Electronics Certificate EET/8401 - 50 credits

Number Title
  EET-125 Electronics Fabrication Skills
  EET-135 Digital Electronics
  EET-141 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics I
  EET-142 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics II
  EET-240 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics III
  EET-251 Microcontrollers and Interfacing
  EET-254 Robotics and Automated Systems
  EET-282 EET Capstone Project
  EET-298 EET Seminar
  MET-100 Introductory CAD and Print Reading
  MET-133 Graphics/SolidWorks CAD I
  MET-146 Hydraulics, Pneumatics and PLCs
  MET-162 Applied Physics

     EET Elective                                                                                                           (3)
     EET Elective                                                                                                           (3)

Basic Electronics Certificate/8414 - 17 credits

Number Title
  EET-100 Introduction to Electronics
  EET-141 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics I
  EET-135 Digital Electronics
  CIS-102 Intro to Computers & Info Systems
  MTH-100 Technical Mathematics
  MTH-132 College Algebra & Trigonometry
  MTH-125 Plane Trigonometry

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