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AAR EAGLE Career Pathway Program

AAR EAGLE Career Pathway Program at RVC

Rock Valley College’s new partnership with AAR, a global provider of aviation services, is expected to enhance instruction for students studying to become aircraft maintenance technicians, providing real-life work experience and an opportunity to be hired upon graduation.

The newly launched AAR EAGLE Career Pathway Program at RVC will expand the college’s aviation maintenance technology program and include job shadowing and mentoring opportunities, as well as the sharing of proprietary software information with students interested in careers as aircraft maintenance technicians. Under this unique program for aviation maintenance, students will receive academic support, be monitored throughout their academic careers and have an opportunity to interview with AAR after graduation.

Additional pathway details can be found on AAR's Eagle Pathway Program page.

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Pathway Program Details

  • AAR selects partner Colleges that provide specific MRO/Airline Training Course in addition to 147
  • Student selection criteria developed by AAR
  • Students who complete the FAA General curriculum are eligible to submit application into the EAGLE Program
  • Student selected will be monitored throughout the rest of their AMT Program
  • Students will be assigned a local mentor.  Facility visits, job shadowing, meetings, etc. 
  • Guaranteed interview conducted in last term of school
  • General and Airframe or Powerplant Exams completed before starting with AAR.
  • Tuition reimbursement to complete A&P certification
  • $15k in total tuition reimbursement upon reaching Level I  
  • Up to $2,000 moving expenses. 
  • Start with AAR at $15 non certificated or $17 with an A&P


Selection Process

  • Students who complete the FAA General curriculum will be eligible for selection into the EAGLE Program.
  • Students must complete the AAR EAGLE application.
  • Students awarded into the program will monitored throughout Airframe and Powerplant portions of their program.
  • AAR Mentors will be assigned to join you on your journey and provide opportunities to enhance your aviation experience while still in school.
  • Students must complete the Capstone Course and complete FAA General, Airframe and Powerplant exams prior to start.
  • Students will be subject to criminal background check and drug test.

Capstone Course

This course has been developed by Partner Colleges and Universities focused on Repair Station and Air Carrier Operations. This covers regulatory requirements, aircraft general familiarization, paperwork, inspection processes, required inspection items, RVSM, EWIS and other related subjects.