Rock Valley College

Criminal Justice Degree

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science - 66 Credits (Limited transferability)
Program contact: Division of Social Science and Humanities, (815) 921-3317


Program overview

Graduates of the Criminal Justice (CRM) Program meet the minimum educational requirements necessary to complete for sworn positions at most local and state law enforcement agencies as well as, private security firms. With experience and additional training or education, there are opportunities for graduates to advance into areas of specialization and management.

Work and employment

Opportunities include positions in law enforcement, crime prevention, probation, corrections, court records, communications/dispatch, and security/loss prevention.

More about the program

It is important for students to consider their career goals when they begin course work in the Criminal Justice Program. Since the degree is also designed for limited transfer to select four-year schools, future educational plans should be considered when building course schedules. Some students have career and academic plans that are more directed towards transfer to a four-year school to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a Criminal Justice related field. For these students, completion of RVC’s Criminal Justice A.A.S. degree may not be the best choice. Instead, these students should consider completion of an Associate of Arts degree at Rock Valley College, using selected transferable courses from the CRM curriculum as electives toward the degree. Courses from the Criminal Justice A.A.S. curriculum that are transferable to a four-year degree are indicated with the symbol “+” in the program curriculum description that follows.

For more information about the Criminal Justice Program, contact an academic advisor, or the Division of Social Science and Humanities at (815) 921-3317.

Course Requirements (42 credits)

Number Title
  CRM-105 Police Report Writing
  CRM-120 Criminal Investigation
  CRM-125 Criminal Procedure and Civil Rights
  CRM-127 Ethics in Law Enforcement
  CRM-225 Juvenile Procedures
  CRM-281 Rules of Evidence
  CRM-282 Interviews and Interrogations
  CIS-102 Intro to Computers & Info Systems

* CRM Program courses that are typically accepted for transfer.

Electives: (Select at least 18 credits from the following)

Number Title
  CRM-101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  CRM-102 Intro to Probation and Parole
  CRM-103 Introduction to Corrections
  CRM-104 Intro to Private Security
  CRM-210 Criminal Law
  CRM-260 Police Organization & Administration
  CRM-271 Patrol Procedures
  CRM-283 Special Topics in Police Science
  CRM-291 Internship

* CRM Program courses that are typically accepted for transfer.

General Education Course Requirements: (24 credits)

Number Title
  ENG-101 Composition I
  SPH-201 Interpersonal Communication
  PSC-160 American National Government
  PSC-161 State and Local Government
  PSY-170 General Psychology
  SOC-190 Introduction to Sociology
  SOC-291 Criminology
  FWS-265 Personal Fitness and Wellness

Potential Careers & Wages