Rock Valley College

Criminal Justice Courses

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Number Title
  CRM-101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  CRM-102 Intro to Probation and Parole
  CRM-103 Introduction to Corrections
  CRM-104 Intro to Private Security
  CRM-105 Police Report Writing
  CRM-120 Criminal Investigation
  CRM-125 Criminal Procedure and Civil Rights
  CRM-127 Ethics in Law Enforcement
  CRM-130 Diversity and Criminal Justice
  CRM-201 21st Century Policing
  CRM-210 Criminal Law
  CRM-225 Juvenile Procedures
  CRM-260 Police Organization & Administration
  CRM-271 Patrol Procedures
  CRM-281 Rules of Evidence
  CRM-282 Interviews and Interrogations
  CRM-283 Special Topics in Police Science
  CRM-291 Internship