Rock Valley College

Programming iOS Apple Mobile Devices (CIS-280)

This course is part of the Mobile App Development Certificate!

In this course students create real world iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. Here are some apps students created that range from gaming apps to educational apps:

Bubble Baller is a game in which the object is to place a basketball in a hoop…underwater! Spelling Challenge was created for a 4th grade daughter of one of our students. The daughter listens to the recorded words and has to type in the correct spelling of the word to win points. Cool Drop Photo is a unique camera app. The photos are saved to a Dropbox folder and a PDF is created with the image along with a link to a map where the photo was taken. Finally, My Blood Sugar keeps a record of blood sugar readings and is sent to physician.

What's your great idea for a new app? Sign up for CIS-280 (Fall only course) and let's get started on it!

Number Title
  CIS-280 Programming iOS Apple Mobile Devices
Bubble Baller in action!
(Top left) Tina Stein from WIFR-TV23 plays Bubble Baller as the app developers look on; (Bottom left) Bubble Baller in action; (Right) The Bubble Baller app home screen.