Rock Valley College

Business Administration Degree

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science – 65 credits
Program contact: Division of Business/Computers & Information Systems, (815) 921-3101


Program overview

Graduates of the Business Administration Program will have acquired knowledge and skills of business and leadership which can be applied to entry level jobs. Additionally, graduates of the business program will have the knowledge and skills required to meet the criteria of success for the RVC Student Learning Outcomes.

Work and employment

Graduates of this program are prepared to assume entry level positions or advance their current position in management, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, and human relations among other areas. In addition, students are encouraged to explore opportunities to transfer and pursue a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship. The Rock Valley College Business Program has several articulation agreements in place which allow students to transfer credit towards a bachelor degree program. Please make an appointment with an academic advisor, or the Business/CIS Associate Dean or Business Academic Chair to discuss appropriate plans of study for transfer options.

General Business

Graduates will have acquired a broad knowledge and skill of business and an overview of all general business concepts. Students who choose this focus will be prepared to work in a variety of business positions.


Graduates will have acquired a broad base of business knowledge and skills, management techniques, and leadership skills. Students who choose this focus will be prepared for entry level supervisory positions in a variety of leadership positions.


Graduates will learn about the various career paths available in marketing and learn the concepts behind the development of products, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Students who choose this focus will be prepared to work in a variety of entry-level marketing positions in business.


Graduates will learn how the Entrepreneurship Program provides students an understanding of the many facets of entrepreneurship. Students will learn the process of identifying a business opportunity and developing an organization to establish a new venture. The curriculum will provide students with the proper tools to evaluate the feasibility of a new venture and to identify the available resources for assisting an entrepreneur during the start-up phase of the business. Students taking entrepreneurial courses will become a motivated and valued employee, captain, leader, owner, or manager that understands how to take a problem and turn it into an opportunity. Students will experience the ABC’s of starting and managing your own business. Students recognize and understand the difference between a good idea and a real business opportunity. Students investigate and experience the basics of starting a company creates both value and experience that will be used throughout your career, despite the area of interest.


Business Administration Course Requirements (49 credits)

Number Title Credits
  ATG-110 Financial Accounting (4)
  BUS-101 Introduction to Business (3)
  BUS-103 Business Mathematics, or
  BUS-223 Business Statistics (3)
  BUS-200 Legal Environment in Business, or
  BUS-201 Business Law (3)
  BUS-203 Economics for Business (3)
  BUS-279 Principles of Finance (3)
  BUS-282 International Business (3)
  BUS-298 Global Small Business Incubator (3)
  MGT-270 Principles of Management (3)
  MKT-260 Principles of Marketing (3)
  MKT-288 Customer Relations (3)
  PCI-106 Microcomputer Applications/Windows Based (4)


Choose Appropriate Option (9 credits)

Option A: General Business (9 credits):

Includes one 3-credit elective from any Business Division course with prefix ATG, BUS, MGT, MKT, OFF, or PCI.

Number Title Credits
  BUS-105 Consumer Econ & Pers Financ (3)
  BUS-170 Intro to Organizational Behavior (3)


Option B: Management (9 credits):

Note: This option requires BUS 223 Business Statistics instead of BUS 103 Business Mathematics.
Number Title Credits
  BUS-170 Intro to Organizational Behavior (3)
  MGT-271 Human Resource Management (3)
  MGT-274 Leadership (3)


Option C: Marketing (9 credits)

Includes one 3-credit elective from any Business Division course with prefix ATG, BUS, MGT, MKT, OFF, or PCI.
Number Title Credits
  MKT-265 Salesmanship (3)
  MKT-266 Principles of Advertising (3)


Option D: Entrepreneurship (9 credits)

Number Title Credits
  BUS-130 Entrepreneurship Principles (3)
  BUS-131 Entrepreneurship Planning (3)
  BUS-230 Entrepreneurship Capstone (3)


Option E: Specialized Management or Marketing  (9 credits)

To meet the needs of a special situation, the Business/CIS Associate Dean will work with the student to design a specialized curriculum. All courses applied to this option must have the prior approval of the Business/CIS Associate Dean.


General Education Requirements (18 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits):

Number Title Credits
  CIS-102 Intro to Computers & Info Systems (3)
  ENG-101 Composition I (3)
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication (3)


Electives (6 credits):

Students must select courses with at least two different prefixes in the IAI General Education Core Curriculum areas. (Example: ART, BIO, ECO, ENG, MTH, SOC, etc.) to fulfill general education elective requirements.

Business Program Elective Courses:

Number Title Credits
  BUS-295 Ind Study in Business Administration (1)
  BUS-296 Special Topics in Business Admin. (1)
  MGT-281 Women in Management (3)
  MGT-282 Independent Study in Management (1)
  MGT-283 Internship in Business Management (1)
  MKT-281 International Marketing (3)
  MKT-293 Internship-Marketing (1)
  MKT-295 Independent Study in Marketing (1)