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Co-hosts Professor Amanda Kieper and David Costello discuss all things Rock Valley College in this guest-driven podcast that will explore and uncover the passions and successes of RVC faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners. It promises to be both educational and fun as we explore the professionals and personalities that make RVC a special place.


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Episode 13: Old Relic (Dr. Karl Jacobs)

Relic: an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.

Dr. Karl Jacobs, RVC’s second president (1969-1997), describes himself as an “old relic” of RVC. Based on the above definition, we agree. There is very much a historical and sentimental interest surrounding Dr. Jacobs. In this rare conversation with him, we learn about the formative years of RVC, the challenges Dr. Jacobs and the college faced to earn the public’s trust and respect, and how important it was for him to surround himself with good people. Dr. Jacobs candidly shares his greatest triumphs and his regrets from nearly 30 years as RVC’s president. It’s an RVC history lesson you will not want to miss.


Episode 12: So Hum (Lisa Alexander, Adjunct Composition Instructor)

A terrifying experience speaking in front of her first class was the start of Lisa Alexander’s RVC journey as an Adjunct Composition Instructor. What it became is a lifetime of fond memories, friendships, and family connections. We learn about the most memorable student paper she’s ever read, her favorite forms of writing, and authors she most admires.


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