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Bid Information and Vendors

Rock Valley College is committed to giving all vendors a fair opportunity to bid on products and services as required by college policies. Visit this page for the most current open bids, quote requests, and bid results.

Open Bids

Open Bids, Quotes, & Results

See our latest open bids and quote requests as well as the results of previous bid openings.

New Vendors

If you would like to be added to our permanent bid list to receive future bid notifications, please complete our new vendor request form.

Diverse Vendor Enterprise Use

Rock Valley College recognizes the importance of increasing the participation of businesses owned by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities in public contracts in an effort to overcome the discrimination and victimization such firms have historically encountered.

It is the College’s policy to promote the economic development of businesses owned by minorities, females and persons with disabilities by setting aspirational goals to award contracts to businesses owned by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities for certain services as provided by the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females and Persons with Disabilities Act, 30 ILCS 575 (the Act) and the Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities.

Register with the State of Illinois as an MBE/FBE/DBE