Rock Valley College

After You Apply

What should I expect after I apply?

You will receive class or online information from Rock Valley College by mail 60 - 90 days after your fine and class fee are paid. Your assignment will arrive by mail in a Rock Valley College window type envelope (see what the envelope looks like below). 



Traffic Safety envelope



If you have not received the information within 90 days from your payment, please contact Rock Valley College Traffic Safety Program staff.


Maintaining contact with the program and completing your assigned class is YOUR responsibility. Rock Valley College Traffic Safety Program is not responsible for lost mail.

If you are unable to attend the assigned class, you must contact the Rock Valley College Traffic Safety Program Office (815) 921-3940 prior to the class date. If you fail to show up to an assigned class you will be charged a rescheduling fee.

Rock Valley College will report your completion to the correct county in our coverage area.