Rock Valley College

Volunteer at Starlight Theater

Our success at Starlight Theatre depends heavily on the time our volunteers are willing to commit to the support of our program. We know that a playgoer’s enjoyment is determined by more than just the performances on stage. Is the patron greeted in a friendly and helpful manner? Is the theatre clean? Are concessions available at reasonable prices? We rely on our volunteers to perform many of these tasks, and they do a tremendous job. Their only reward is a chance to see part of the play, an occasional cup of coffee, an infrequent pat on the back and the intrinsic reward of being part of a team that has enriched the lives of others. If being part of our volunteer team interests you, please contact us at (815) 921-2160.

Types of Volunteers Needed

House Managers (1-2 for Starlight) are responsible for directing the crew of ushers and recruiting ushers. They count ticket stubs and report the count for each performance, oversee and participate in post-show cleanup and report any problems to our staff. House Managers arrive an hour before the show and are usually free to go about twenty minutes after the show ends. House Managers should be “go-getter” adults, who are comfortable giving and following directions.

Ushers (10-12 for Starlight) are responsible for taking tickets from the patrons, distributing programs, helping patrons find their seats, and cleaning up after the performance. Ushers arrive about an hour before the show, and are free to go about twenty minutes after the show. Ushering is a perfect job for teens and adults.

Concessionaires (about 20 for Starlight) are responsible for preparing food for concession stands before Starlight shows, selling food before each performance and during intermission, then cleaning the stands after intermission. They arrive one or two hours before the show, and are free to leave about twenty minutes after intermission. Concessionaires must be 16 or older to work behind the counter; younger volunteers can help sell ice cream with an adult.

Running Crew (as needed) are the people in dark outfits that you may see rearranging the sets between scenes, and who you don’t see doing all sorts of other things behind the curtain. They work under the direction of the Stage Manager and are often the busiest volunteers on, below, above or behind the stage. They usually work a few rehearsals before the show opens and during the entire run of the show. Unlike our other volunteers, the Running Crew reports to the Stage Manager.

Costume Shop (as needed) volunteers assist our Costume Designer and student workers to alter and adorn costumes — and sometimes even create them from scratch! Knowledge of sewing and clothing repair required. Costume Shop volunteer schedules are very flexible.