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Costume Rental

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RVC Theatre Costume & Prop Rental General Information

  • The Theatre Department at RVC has a costume collection of over 35,000 hanging pieces. 
  • We make most of our costumes and props available for rental at modest fees. 
  • Our costumes are theatrical costumes which we make for our productions and some historical garments.
  • The costume shop operates weekdays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and rentals are by appointment. 

Though the rentals are intended to make costumes and props available for other productions at other institutions, individuals are allowed to rent individual items. We do not allow anyone into our storage facilities as we are not set up for “window shopping." You will need to know what you are looking for before making an inquiry.

Inquire About Availability

Send us an email that includes what you are looking for, pictures if available, and dates you are interested in securing a rental to the Costume Shop Manager, Victoria Benson at

If the item is available, we will next need to get some size information.  Basic “ready to wear” sizing can work but a measurement sheet that has more detailed measurements may be emailed to you after your inquiry is accepted. 

Our Rentals include our staff making a limited amount of alterations.  We will determine if we can complete the request.  Renters are not allowed to alter or adjust our costumes in any way.

If we have the garment and if we can adjust it to your measurements, we will then call you to make an appointment for you to come to the Costume Shop to see it and try on the possible rental.

  • A formal Costume/Prop Rental Agreement along with payment will be executed before the rental may be picked up. 
  • Rentals are for NO LONGER than two calendar weeks and fees are set for each item rented. 

In the event of loss or damage of any or all costumes or props, the renter guarantees to provide the cost of replacing the item(s) rented at the valued rate and/or pay for the cost of repair as determined by the Managing Director of the RVC Theatre Department. 

The rental fee will include the cost of dry cleaning or laundering upon return of the rental. Rented items must be returned by the agreed upon date or a $25 per item per day late fee will be assessed.