Rock Valley College

Rock Valley College Annuitants Association (RVCAA)

RVCAA works to further the interests and welfare of Rock Valley College annuitants and their survivors. The organization promotes discussions with and service to the college. RVCAA works to improve communication between RVC and its retirees. In addition, RVCAA also networks with other annuitant organizations in the state of Illinois and actively pursues communication with legislators on issues relative to annuitants’ concerns. 

Membership in RVCAA is open to all annuitants (faculty and staff) of Rock Valley College, employees (past and present) who are eligible for SURS benefits or are receiving SURS benefits, and spouses or surviving spouses of annuitants.

The cost is $36 per year. Participants do not need to be retired to join. 

Membership in RVCAA includes membership in the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA). SUAA advocates on behalf of all faculty and staff of public universities and community colleges—both retired and current employees—their spouses and survivors, who are participants and beneficiaries of the State Universities Retirement System. This organization works to preserve and protect the strong public pension system, healthcare benefits, and the general well-being of its membership. 

How do I join RVCAA?

Current RVC employees and retired RVC employees can join by downloading this PDF form, filling out the information, and mailing it to the address listed on the form.


Higher Education Creates Jobs

Higher Education Creates JobsThe State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) knows HIGHER EDUCATION CREATES JOBS and is gravely concerned about the future of higher education in our state and communities. 

SUAA is undertaking a major statewide education campaign.  We are supplying our local chapters with yard signs and posters to be placed in high traffic areas with the simple yet targeted message “HIGHER EDUCATION CREATES JOBS.” In addition, 175,000 ads targeting 2.8 million Illinois readers will be placed on newspaper websites and on Facebook.

Residents need to think about the financial and cultural impact higher education has in their communities – what would it look like if their local institution of higher education fails because of this unprecedented budget impasse?  What would it mean to local governments, businesses, elementary & secondary school districts, the employees of those institutions, and you? 

This budget impasse and its ripple effect will destroy communities supported by institutions of higher education.  SUAA knows the time to act is NOW!

What can you do?  Join us!  Visit  for more information about the only advocacy organization focused solely on SURS participants and your voice in Springfield.  We know there is strength in numbers. Be a part of a strong collective voice to protect higher education in Illinois!

Think About It

  • Who benefits if Illinois public higher education crumbles? Other states benefit.  They will be happy to accept our students AND the graduates who choose employment in their state!
  • Who benefits from the creation and continuation of the “fiscal crisis” in Illinois?  No one benefits.
  • Who benefits if individuals take lump sum distributions and roll them into a 401(k) (HB 4427 & HB 5625)? The State of Illinois benefits. Now they are not responsible. They got rid of you.
  • Who benefits if you do nothing?  NOT YOU!


Now That You've Thought About It, What Can You Do About It?

Join SUAA (if you haven't already) – SUAA is your advocacy organization, the ONLY organization that focuses solely on the well being of Illinois higher education employees (current and retired) and on preserving and protecting a strong state pension system and healthcare benefits. To join, go to 

Promote the importance of higher education in your community—the huge positive economic impact generated by public universities and community colleges!

Contact your elected officials – ask them to fund higher education and to pass a budget that is fair to ALL.

Strength comes in numbers. Your membership helps SUAA  fight the fight to protect you! Join SUAA now!