Rock Valley College

Filled Classes for Spring 2020

If you are a current CLR member, your name can be placed on a wait list.

ART-701-CLR2                       Acrylic Painting
ART-701-CLR3                       Watercolor for Beginners
ART-701-CLR4                       Alcohol Ink Painting
ART-701-CLR5                       Pastel Painting
ART-713-CLR2                       Free Form Chip Carving
ART-720-CLR2                       Basketweaving with Valerie
CMP-702-CLR6                      1-on-1 Basic Computer Skills
CMP-703-CLR1                      Searching the Internet - Safety & Security
FIT-750-CLR5                         Wellness Walking with Nordic Poles
HLT-715-CLR1                        Consumers Guide to Hearing and Hearing Aids
HLT-715-CLR5                        Make It Easier to Get Up Off the Floor
HST-701-CLR1                       World War II: The Alaska Highway
HST-712-CLR1                       Orphan Trains: The History and the Personal Side of the Story
HST-712-CLR2                       Reconstruction: America's Second Civil War
HST-712-CLR7                       Cahokia & the Mississippian Culture
HST-720-CLR7                       Memories of the Wagon Wheel Resort
HUM-712-CLR3                     Oklahoma to Hamilton: A Historical Look at Broadway Musicals
HUM-714-CLR1                     Wood on Words: Having Fun with Words!
SOC-721-CLR1                      Introduction to Genealogy
SOC-760-CLR7                      Managing Your Memory
SPC-732-CLR1                       Simplify Your Life by Downsizing!
SPC-785-CLR1                       The Many Uses of A Smart Phone
SPC-785-CLR2                       Beyond Basics for iPod, iPad, iPhone
TOU-700-CLR9                       Tour of Chicago Rockford International Airport