Rock Valley College

Filled Classes for Fall 2019

If you are a current CLR member, your name can be placed on a wait list.

  • ART-701-CLR3                 Pastel Painting
  • ART-701-CLR5                 Perspective Drawing
  • ART-701-CLR6                 Watercolor for Beginners
  • ART-713-CLR1                 Carving Little People & Critters
  • ART-720-CLR2                 Basketweaving with Valerie             
  • CMP-702-CLR6               1-on-1 Basic Computer Skills
  • FIT-768-CLR2                   Friendly Yoga with Chairs
  • HLT-715-CLR4                  Osteoporosis - Risks, Benefits
  • HST-701-CLR2                 World War II Through the Eyes of My Father
  • HST-720-CLR3                 Stories Beneath the Stones: The Darker History in Local Cemeteries                                                                             (Additional section opened on October 21 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm,                                                                                contact CLR office at 815-921-3931 for more information.)           
  • SOC-703-CLR1                Introduction to White Privilege 
  • SOC-721-CLR1                What Were Grandmother's Parents' Names: An Intro to Genealogy
  • SPC-720-CLR3                 Beginning American Mah Jongg
  • SPC-785-CLR1                 A Wannabe Pilot Who Landed At News Anchor Desk
  • SPC-785-CLR2                 Selling on eBay Basics
  • TOU-700-CLR1                Alpaca Farm and Yarn Shop Tour
  • TVL-700-CLR4                  Hidden Gems of America's Park System