Rock Valley College

Filled Classes for Spring 2019

If you are a current CLR member, your name can be placed on a wait list.
  • ART-701-CLR8                   Watercolor for Beginners
  • ART-701-CLR7                   Pastel Painting
  • ART-720-CLR2                   Basket Weaving With Valerie
  • ART-720-CLR3                   Introduction to Origami
  • ART-720-CLR4                   Creating Necklaces
  • CMP-702-CLR5                 Using Your Computer for More Than Email & Facebook!
  • CMP-703-CLR2                 What's This Thing Called "The Cloud"?
  • FIT-768-CLR2                     Friendly Yoga with Chairs
  • HLT-705-CLR1                   Aging in Place
  • HLT-715-CLR1                   Cholesterol: Healthy Healing As We Age
  • HLT-715-CLR2                   What's the Buzz - The Latest Information on Tinnitus
  • HLT-715-CLR5                   Understanding Inflammation
  • HST-712-CLR2                   More Myths (or Facts?) of the Civil War
  • HST-720-CLR1                   Levin Faust: Rockford Rags to Riches
  • HST-720-CLR2                   Rockford in the 1890s and Beyond
  • REL-700-CLR1                   The Crusades: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • REL-700-CLR4                   Jewish Life in the Time of Jesus
  • SCI-700-CLR1                    Genetic Ancestry Testing
  • SPC-732-CLR1                   Simplify Your Life by Downsizing Your Home!
  • SPC-753-CLR1                   Beginning American Mah Jongg
  • SPC-790-CLR5                   To Move or Not to Move?
  • TOU-700-CLR4                  Historic Walking Tour of Edgewater Neighborhood