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Looking for some things to keep you busy during this Stay-At-Home mandate?

The resources on this page are also available on the CLR Facebook page. This page will be updated regularly, so check for new resources often! 

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COVID-19 Resources


Featured LIVE Class

Kathi Kresol    Ghastly Crimes and Ghostly Encounters Virtual Lunch and Learn
Join CLR instructor, local author, and Rockford Public Library's Rockton Centre branch manager, Kathi Kresol, for a virtual tour of the ghastly and ghostly sites in Northern Illinois. Class will take place  on 
Thursday, June 4 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

NOTE: Registration and use of WebEx is required. You will receive an email with the WebEx link and instruction to access the event the morning of June 4, after you have registered. 



Art & Crafts

  • Crafting Ideas - From knitting to painting to sewing to jewelry-making, find creative crafting projects to occupy your time.
  • Drawing Tutorials - Join Stan Prokopenko with entertaining art tutorial videos. You will learn things like, drawing like a sculptor, drawing dynamic shapes, improving line quality and rhythm, brush pen techniques and so much more.
  • How to Mend Clothing Online Class - Join expert sewist, Cal Patch, as she demonstrates her favorite techniques to mend holes in clothes. You will learn how to mend using crochet, use a darning egg, work visible mending, invisibly darn a sweater, sew a patch to woven fabric and sew a knit patch on a t-shirt. 
  • Painting & Drawing - Join Lena Danya, an entertaining artist providing a collection of painting and drawing time lapses, tutorials and art talks.
  • Sew a Reversible Table Runner Online Class - Join Michele Muska, a professinal sewist, for an online quilting class. You will learn how to make a Dresden wedge, work big-stitch hand quilting, trim edges with a rotary cutter, make bias tape and attach bias to curved corners.

Computer Training

  • Computer Basics - Skillful Senior is perfect for anyone getting behind a computer for the first time. It is a very simple computer skills program that has easy-to-understand tutorials. It is the perfect place to learn the skills needed to email children or grandchildren, stay organized using a computer, and using the Internet.
  • Cyber-Seniors - A humorous and heartwarming documentary. Cyber-Seniors chronicles the journey of a group of senior citizens as they discover the world of the Internet through the guidance of teenage mentors. It provides insight into things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged and proves that you are never too old to get 'connected'.
  • Online Computer Training - Meganga is an online resource providing online computer training for beginners and is absolutely free. They have easy-to-follow computer lessons including the basics, graphics and photography, internet and email, and Microsoft Office products. 


  • Core Training for Seniors by Certified Fitness Trainer, Rebecca Lockhart. Check out her website for individualized personal training and more information.
  • Sit to Stand Strengthening Exercises - Fitness Trainer Dave Reddy discusses the importance of getting up our of your chair and moving. He demonstrates how to strengthen your body to do so smoothly.
  • Strength Training Exercises for Seniors by Certified Fitness Trainer, Rebecca Lockhart.  Check out her website for individualized personal training and more information.
  • Tai Chi - Free online classes through June 6. Tai Chi is fun exercise, can be done seated or standing, great for calming stress, and good for the immune system. Classes run Monday at 10:50 a.m., Thursday at 6:30 p.m., and Saturday at 8:00 a.m. NOTE: You will need the Google Chrome App and the Zoom App to participate. Email Sue Michaelsen at for the code if you are interested.
  • Walking Exercises to Improve Balance and Agility - Fitness Trainer Dave Reddy of Reddy Health & Performance demonstrates exercises to incorporate into your walking routine to improve overall coordination and avoid falling. These exercises can help older adults specifically improve their balance and agility. 


Health & Wellness

  • Brain Health
    • Brain Games - A collection of online games to help stimulate your brain. Find games like Chinese Checkers, Sudoku, Reversi, Mahjongg Solitaire, Freecell, TriviaNut and much more!
    • Memory Lane Therapy - A collection of quizzes specifically designed for seniors.
  • Keeping the Mind Young - You might feel like your thinking has been getting slower and foggier as you get older, and that eventually happens to everyone. But how can we keep our minds young? Watch this short video that explains different types of intelligence and ways to keep your mind young and stimulated.
  • Living After Fifty - 2nd Act TV is a YouTube channel focused on living life to the fullest after fifty, finding meaning, purpose and passion, and taking charge of our physical, emotional and sexual health.
  • Lungs 101 - The lungs replenish the body with life-giving oxygen. In this video by National Geographic, learn about the anatomy of the lungs, how the organs make respiration possible, and how they are vulnerable to illnesses.
  • Music and the Mind - Discover how music affects us emotionally. Brit Garner explains different study results in this video, including research that shows melodies can evoke strong autobiographical memories, which can be very useful in dementia or Alzheimer's patients.
  • Total Brain Health (TBH) - Join Dr. Cynthia Green for a few different classes focused on brain health. Each class includes a handout that you can download and print.



  • Documentaries - Watch some of the best documentaries on this online platform . From information on self-driving cars to climate change to George Washington Carver's life, you're sure to find something interesting.
  • FEATURED Documentary - Seven Wonders of the World
    • This documentary is a celebration of religion, art, power and science. They were built by the ancients in a time before Christ and their scale and majesty continues to mesmerize us today.
  • The History Channel - Enjoy series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across all platforms. Choose from hundreds of different videos, including full documentary episodes.
  • Stuff You Missed in History - A podcast with Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest stuff from history. From "The Dark Legacy of Sea Monkeys" to "Grover Cleveland's Medical Secret", explore all sorts of mysteries from history.
  • United States History - In 48 episodes, John Green will teach you the history of the United States of America! This course is based off of the 2013 AP U.S. History curriculum. 


  • 30 Days of Drury Lane Theater - Enjoy videos from past productions at Drury Lane Theatre on their Facebook page.
  • Learn Languages - Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform. It is designed to feel like a game and is scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Metropolitan Opera "Live in HD" - Each day, a different encore presentation will be available for free streaming. Each performance is available for a period of 23 hours (from 7:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. the following day). The schedule will include outstanding complete performances from the past 14 years of cinema transmissions starring all of opera's greatest singers.
  • Movie Music Romance Collection - CLR Leader, John LeGear, has put together TWO Movie Music Romance playlists on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Both playlists feature a collection of clips with memorable songs and dances from the finest films made over the past 100 years and last approximately 65-minutes. 
  • Rare Book Room - An educational site that allows visitors to examine and read some of the greatest books in the world. You'll find works from Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo, Copernicus and more.
  • Shakespeare's Globe - Watch Shakespeare the way he meant for you to see it - at the Globe. They are currently doing YouTube Premieres of past Shakespeare performances. Films will be available from their Premiere date for 14 days.
  • Writing Resources - If you enjoy writing, this is a perfect place to share your writing works and receive feedback from other writers.



  • How to Read the Bible - This ongoing series explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. Here you'll be introduced to some of the basic skills necessary for reading the Bible effectively.
  • World Religions 101 - Religions professor, Stephen Prothero, gives a crash course on eight of the world's spiritual traditions - what they believe, where they come from, and how they're different from each other. Religions included are Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Yoruba Religion, Confucianism, Taoism and Hinduism. 


Science & Nature

  • Astronomy Course - Crash Course YouTube channel has put together over 40 different lessons on Astronomy for you to explore! It's just like taking a college-level course and it's free! Each lesson is roughly 15-minutes long. From Introduction to Astronomy to The Big Bang, Dark Energy, Nebulae, and the Milky Way! (NOTE: All videos will be displayed in a playlist on the right side of the page.)
  • Dinosaurs - Over a thousand dinosaur species once roamed the Earth. Learn which ones were the largest and the smallest, what dinosaurs ate and how they behaved, as well as surprising facts about their extinction.
  • The Sun 101 - Learn about the star at the center of our solar system, and how it is critical to all life as we know it in this short video by National Geographic.
  • Unanswered Science Questions Explained - YouTube channel called ASAP Science that holds a collection of educational videos explaining science. From creators, Mitchell Mofit and Gregory Brown, they answer science questions from, "Is Your Phone Listening To You" to "What If You Only Drank Soda?"


Social Sciences

  • How to Argue... Effectively - Watch this lesson on philosophical reasoning, specifically, induction and abduction. You will understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as counterarguments and the Socratic method.
  • Mixed Emotions vs. Negative Emotions - An article by the Director of the Personality Processes Lab in the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He discusses how even during a pandemic, few people report purely negative emotions.
  • Sociology Course - In 44 videos, Nicole Sweeney will teach you sociology! This course is based on an introductory college level curriculum, with Sociology, 15th edition, by John J. Macionis as its reference text. 


Special Interests & Hobbies

  • AARP Smart Driver Course Online - Refreshing your driving skills could reduce your auto insurance costs! This online course could save you money on your car insurance, it is affordable, and it teaches you strategies to keep you safe behind the wheel.
  • Coursera - A world-wide online learning platform by Stanford professionals that offers massive open online courses, specializations, and degrees.
  • Facebook Training - Find answers to common questions and frustrations in this complete beginner's guide for grandparents, seniors and baby boomers. If you are looking for more instruction, a full class with 63 lectures is available for a small fee.
  • Finish the Song Activity - Test your knowledge of some of the greatest songs in history! CLR Program Assistant, Allison Den Braven, put together a fun worksheet for you to try. Just read the first line of the song and fill in the second line. When finished, check your knowledge with the answer key
  • Flower Care Tips - A YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you fun and easy flower tips by Mel, the owner of The Flower Social. You can watch the videos for free, or visit her website for paid instructional classes.
  • Home Improvement Tips - The podcast, "The HandyGuys", features head-to-head tool tests and other DIY and home improvement topics. Included in this podcast are answers to questions about tools, lawns, home technology, plumbing, electrical, appliance repairs, basements, painting and more!
  • How Things are Made - Learn how some of your favorite products are made. Some things included are ceramic fireplaces, croissants, pocket knives, wigs, canned tomatoes, bowling balls, artificial eyes, peanut butter, and much more.
  • Sanfilippo Foundation - Enjoy past musical performances on some of the most amazing restored automatic musical instruments in the world including, coin-operated pianos, violin machines, photoplayers, dance organs, fairground and band organs, and the world's largest indoor theatre pipe organ!
  • Spring Cleaning Tips - The ClutterBug YouTube channel offers organizing tips, tricks and advice each week. Learn how to get rid of clutter, organize your home, and simplify your life!
  • TED Talks - A nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas in the form of short, powerful talks. Their mission is to welcome people from all over the world that seek a deeper understanding of the world.
  • Virtual Learning with Road Scholar - Enjoy this collection of fascinating, free online lectures! Learn from Road Scholar's expert instructors around the world as they discuss everything from Vikings in France to the evolution of Native American cuisine in Santa Fe. Join live webinars, or watch pre-recorded lectures.

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