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Virtual Tai Chi students participating via Zoom


Meet the Instructor

Sue Michaelsen has earned Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teaching Certification from top expert Medical Doctorsand Masters of Healing Arts in China, USA and Canada.Teaching since 1999, she has advanced training in injury prevention and assisting sports performance. Sue is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Accupressurist and Reflexologist.


View videos that Sue has put together to help you get a better idea of what to expect from a course! 



VIA ZOOM. Sit or stand to relax stress and tension. Improve memory and balance. Warm up with therapeutic Chi Kung, breathing, hand positions, stances, slow movements and 5 Elements Tai Chi.


VIA ZOOM. Warm up with therapeutic Chi Kung, drills and routines that may include: Chen, Sun, Yang, Fan and Sword. PREREQUISITE: Tai Chi for Beginners or instructor approval.


VIA ZOOM. Warm up with Tai Bao Kung (13 Stump Chi Kung), stretching, Kung Fu drills and Tan Tui Spring Kicking Form. As students are ready, Kung Fu single fan and single sword may be included.

How to Register & Attend a Zoom class:

Classes meet online.

  • Must have: Computer, tablet or phone with camera and the ZOOM app.
  • Prior to joining your 1st Zoom class:  download the free ZOOM app.
  • After registering with RVC:
    • Email with your name, phone number, class title and email (our online registering system does NOT update your information).
    • Watch for an email from your instructor for your scheduled ZOOM/Class Meeting.  It will include Meeting ID and password.
    • Go to ZOOM and click “Join a Meeting” and enter meeting ID meeting number. Hit “Allow” when joining.
  • There are no refunds for missing a ZOOM meeting.
  • Check your wifi connections prior to a scheduled class time

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