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Food Handler & Food Manager Courses Offered at RVC

Current Term (Spring 2023)

Sec. Date/Location Avail.
Servsafe Food Safety Manager
4/13/23 - 4/13/23
Thur 8:00am-5:00pm CLII 120
Servsafe Food Safety Manager
5/11/23 - 5/11/23
Thur 8:00am-5:00pm CLII 120

Upcoming Term (Summer 2023)

Sec. Date/Location Avail.
Food Safety Manager Retake
6/15/23 - 8/17/23
Thur 2:00pm-5:00pm CLII 120
All Available
Thur 2:00pm-5:00pm CLII 120
Thur 2:00pm-5:00pm CLII 120
Servsafe Food Safety Manager
6/15/23 - 6/15/23
Thur 8:00am-5:00pm CLII 120
All Available
Servsafe Food Safety Manager
7/13/23 - 7/13/23
Thur 8:00am-5:00pm CLII 120
All Available
Servsafe Food Safety Manager
8/17/23 - 8/17/23
Thur 8:00am-5:00pm CLII 120
All Available
Food Handler Certification
6/29/23 - 6/29/23
Thur 8:00am-10:30am CLII 120
All Available

Disclaimer: Course availability is updated often but not in real-time. Availability indicated on this page does not guarantee you a seat in the class. View live availability data when registering in Self Service.

NEW! Restaurant Management

To become a successful restaurant manager, you must acquire the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to execute all elements of a restaurant business. Restaurant Management provides this foundation by teaching each aspect of the process; from inception through creation to ultimately managing a successful restaurant. This course will impart the theory behind food and beverage production and management, human resource management, and basic accounting practices for the restaurant industry. You will also learn how to market a restaurant to key customer groups and how to sustain a profitable restaurant while adhering to all legal requirements. 

Six months of access - $995

ONLINE Courses Offered Via TAP Series

Cooking Basics

Cooking Basics’ nineteen lessons cover a wide range of instruction, including kitchen equipment and tools, portion control procedures, basic cuts of meat, dry and moist heat cooking methods, slicing, dicing, chopping, plate presentation, seasoning, poultry, seafood, development of consistent recipes, waste management, workplace safety and more.
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Illinois Allergen Awareness

In this course, you will learn current information on what causes an allergic reaction, the eight major food allergens, how to communicate with customers who have food allergies, and how to assure customers’ allergen needs are communicated within the operation from the initial order to the serving process. 
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Allergen Plan Development

With the Allergen Plan Development Course, the answers to the questions about “ask your manager” are developed. This course walks management through all the elements of food allergens in a food operation, allowing management to decide what will and will not be done. 
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Allergen Plan Specialist

After completing the prerequisite courses Allergen Awareness and Allergen Plan Development, you will be provided with an in-depth understanding of food allergens, product ingredients, and common allergen food items. You will learn when to be alert to potential ingredient changes, how to communicate with suppliers, and what to do about product recalls due to allergen mislabeling or undeclared allergens.
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BASSET Alcohol Training

Tap Series’ BASSET Alcohol Training online course is approved by the State of Illinois’ Liquor Control Commission. The interactive online course provides the necessary tools and skills for the safe and legal service of alcoholic beverages and is the quickest and most enjoyable way to earn your BASSET certificate.
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Earn More With Service

Service is the number one reason customers recommend a restaurant. This program teaches how to better "Interact" with food service staff and customers by observing, experiencing and interacting with methods to provide great customer service. 
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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) This course meets both nationally and internationally accepted HACCP standards. It contains the information needed to effectively participate in the organization, development, implementation and management of a successful HACCP plan.
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Mandatory Reporter

The Mandatory Reporter course is quick, simple, and low cost. There is no need to gather a group or go to a classroom. The self-paced course allows you to train on your schedule from home or the office and on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone and annually quickly re-enroll. TAP Series' Mandatory Reporter course meets AB 1963's regulations. In one hour, your employee has a valid certificate.

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Choke Saving Procedures Training

The TAP-Approved Manual Choke Saving Procedures, which includes the Heimlich Maneuver and Sequence of Obstructed Airway Maneuvers, is available for all food service establishments with 25 twenty-five seats or more on premises when food is being served.
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