Rock Valley College

Manufacturing Skill Standards Council

Get certified for front-line manufacturing!

Fact: The workforce of the future requires a pipeline of highly skilled industrial athletes with core competencies.

After getting certified in each of four assessments: Safety, Quality & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness, the Certified Production Technician (CPT) will be fully certified and keenly prepared for front-line manufacturing at its best.

MSSC Safety

Provide a safe and productive manufacturing workplace when you identify and monitor safe conditions, equipment, and operator performance with proper training, processes and procedures. 

MSSC Quality Practices & Measurement

Increase quality and output through proper processes, internal audits and inspections, precise improvements, and data measurement and compliance.

MSSC Manufacturing Processes & Production

Optimize your manufacturing process with ten coordinated steps that start by identifying your customers' needs and conclude with preparing your final product for shipping and distribution.

MSSC Maintenance Awareness

Ensure correct operations through proven monitoring practices, preventive maintenance, and routine repair.

For more information please contact Grant Schubert at (815) 921-3121.