Rock Valley College


Rockford Mass Transit

The Rockford Mass Transit District is dedicated to providing safe, efficient, affordable, dependable and accessible transportation to the residents of Rockford and the surrounding area.

Phone:  (815) 961-9000


RVC's main campus is part of Rockford Mass Transit's City Loop North route.

Rockford Mass Transit Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday from 5:15 until 11:15 pm

Four late night shuttles on the #33, #34, #35 and #36 routes run between 11:15 pm and 11:45 pm to provide transportation to final destinations along fixed route.

Saturday hours are from 6:00 am until 5:45 pm, although some Saturday routes run beyond 5:45 please check the individual timetables for verification.

Sunday hours are from 9:15 am until 5:15 pm for all routes except the E. State, which runs from 8:15 to 5:15.