Rock Valley College

About the ESL Program

The ESL (English as a Second Language) program can help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students also learn basic math skills, receive coaching in civic and community participation, and learn skills important for the workplace. ESL classes range from providing basic language skills for beginners to helping advanced students prepare for higher education, further training, or a career. All ESL classes are free to students.

Can you tell me more about the ESL classes?

Students who enroll in the Rock Valley College ESL program are carefully assessed at enrollment and placed in the appropriate class. Further testing is provided to show progress and qualify the student for higher-level programs. Instructors teaching the ESL classes are highly-trained educators, skilled in teaching English, and they participate in regular ongoing trainings to ensure students receive the best possible learning experience.

The curriculum used in the Rock Valley College ESL program is high quality. It is founded on the English Language Proficiency standards, and it is integrated with the Common Core & College Readiness standards. The ESL instructors are trained to in lesson planning and development, and currently there are six ESL instructors on staff who have met the training requirements to attain the status of ESL Standards Proficient Instructor.

Who are our students?

Students attending ESL classes come from a wide variety of culture and language backgrounds. Typically, there are more than fifty countries represented in the Rock Valley College ESL program, and more than 40 languages represented. Students attending ESL classes become part of a caring community of support.

What is the cost of an ESL class?

Classes are FREE for residents of the Rock Valley College district.

How do I enroll in ESL classes?

Enrollment opportunities are typically offered in August, October, and January. To help students find a location convenient to attend, classes are held at varying times and at numerous locations throughout the community. Many locations are accessible by walking or by bus transportation. Classes meet 3-4 days per week, 3 hours per day.