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Scholarship Applications will be available April 1-May 19, 2014 for the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Scholarship Opportunities for Rock Valley College Students

The Rock Valley College Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships to students attending RVC. Students who submit a scholarship application online by May 19, 2014 and are registered for fall classes by June 6, 2014 will be considered for scholarships, provided all criteria are met.

7 Easy Steps to complete your Rock Valley College Foundation Scholarship Online Application

1.Know your student ID number

2.File the FAFSA and know your EFC by May 19, 2014 if you want us to consider your financial situation

3.High school and transfer students, have official transcripts through fall semester 2013 sent to the Records and Registration office on the main campus by May 19, 2014 if you want us to consider your grades, unless you are a current RVC Student with more than six credit hours

4.Submit any supporting information required on the application to the RVC Foundation by May 19, 2014

5.Register for Fall 2014 classes by June 6, 2014

6.Complete and submit the online application by May 19, 2014

7.Ask questions anytime!


Please read the following information carefully. All applications must be filled out and submitted online. Paper applications will not be accepted. Have the necessary information available before starting the process. Applications cannot be saved, but must be completed in one sitting. If changes need to be made after completion, you must submit a new application. Submittals will be date and time stamped. Only the last application submitted will be accepted. Please continue reading below for more details and definitions.


Complete Information on Rock Valley College Foundation Scholarships

RVC Foundation Scholarships are focused on three primary criteria: 1. the student's program of study; 2. academic standing; and 3. financial need. Any one or all of the primary criteria may apply to a scholarship. Other criteria may also be considered, such as graduating high school, county of residence, RVC activities and sports, community involvement, military service, etc.

General Eligibility Requirements

All students will be required to supply general biographical information, as well as write a brief one or two sentence statement on what receiving a scholarship will mean to them, their family and the broader community. All applicants must also write a brief statement about their education and career goals. These statements will be shared with the donors of the scholarship, and quotes may be used in publications and news media.

New high school students (those who graduated January 2013 or later), must have six or less college credits at Rock Valley College, and provide an official high school transcript to the records and registration office no later than May 19th. For those students graduating in May 2014, an official transcript through the fall 2013 semester is required. Dual Credit and Running Start students with more than six college credits are not considered new high school students, but returning adult students.

Returning adult students have more than six credits at Rock Valley College, and do not need to provide a transcript, as your academic history will be available through the college's records.

New adult students (six or less college credits at RVC) are those who graduated high school before January 2013 or have a GED. Please provide official high school/college transcripts or GED test scores in order to be considered for a merit-based scholarship. New adult students without transcripts may still qualify for program- or need-based scholarships.

  • Program-based scholarships. You must be pursuing an AAS degree or certificate within a particular program. Some examples are: Accounting, Automotive Service Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Dental Hygiene, Electronic Engineering Technology, Fire Science, Graphic Arts Technology, Respiratory Care Program, Sustainable Building Science (new), and many more. Some programs have a separate admissions process in order to be accepted into the program. Your program admission will be confirmed with the program director to determine eligibility. For more information on programs and certificates offered, please click here.

·Students intending to obtain a transfer degree (Associate of Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Engineering Science) must indicate their area of concentration, such as Accounting, Economics, Civil Engineering, Journalism, Music, Psychology, etc.

  • Merit-based scholarships. In order to qualify for the pool of merit-based scholarships, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Need-based scholarships are only available to those applicants who have filed the FAFSA and completed the Rock Valley College financial aid process by June 6, 2014. Click here for more information on the RVC financial aid process. Need-based applicants are determined solely by the EFC (expected family contribution) as shown on the Student Aid Report (SAR) and confirmed by completing the RVC financial aid process. Depending on the pool of applicants, even those with high EFC numbers could still qualify for a need-based scholarship based on other factors, such as program chosen, academic record, and a short statement on how you'll pay for college.

Any Questions?

Get your questions answered before you start! Call the RVC Foundation at 815.921.4500 or email You can also stop by the financial aid office in the Student Center, 2nd floor.


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Scholarship Searches

Rock Valley College does not recommend that you pay anyone to find a scholarship or financial assistance for you. This information is available to students for free on the internet. Some helpful web sites and links include: