Rock Valley College

Transfer to RVC

Rock Valley College welcomes students transferring from other colleges and universities. We want to make your transition to RVC as smooth as possible.

Here are some helpful quick tips:
  • If you are pursuing a degree or certificate at RVC, you will need to contact your former college to have your official transcripts sent to:

Attn: Records & Registration Office
Rock Valley College
3301 N. Mulford Rd.
Rockford, IL 61114-5699

  • You will receive a letter explaining the evaluation process once we have your official transcripts on file.
  • After we have evaluated your courses, consult with a counselor to see how these apply to your path of study at Rock Valley College and to select your additional RVC courses.

Students at Rock Valley College who have credits from another college and plan to earn a degree/certificate at RVC should submit an official transcript, in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution, to the Records and Registration Office, along with a transcript evaluation request form. The transcript evaluation form is available in the Records and Registration Office located on the second floor of the Student Center. Evaluations may take four- to six-weeks after receipt of all materials.

Criteria for evaluation of transferable credits:
  • Transfer credit must be earned at a regionally accredited institution.

  • Whenever possible, RVC course equivalents for 100 and 200 level credits are awarded. If that is not possible, up to 21 credits of electives may be granted.

  • 300 level/junior level credits will transfer on a course by course basis once equivalency is determined.

  • 400 level credits require permission from the appropriate dean if a potential equivalency is determined.

  • Students may be required to provide course descriptions/syllabi to complete the transfer credit process. Elective credit may be re-evaluated by submitting a syllabus to the Records and Registration office.

  • RVC accepts “D” grades only if the overall GPA is 2.0. (Refer to course descriptions in our college catalog for minimum course grade requirements; additional information is provided in the degree requirements for the Associate of Arts and Associate in Science beginning on page 32, and in the degree/certificate requirements in the Career and Technical Education Programs beginning on page 44.)

  • Transfer credit does not affect cumulative GPA at RVC.

  • All new students intending to earn an Associate of Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Engineering Science, will be required to complete STU 100. It is recommended this requirement be completed during your first academic semester. Students intending to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate are not required to complete STU 100, but are highly encouraged to do so.

  • RVC does not honor substitution and/or waivers made at another institution, unless approved by the appropriate Dean.

  • Only degree/certificate required courses will be transferred in to a student’s record. A maximum of 44 transfer credits will be applied. A minimum of 20 RVC credits are required to complete a RVC degree/certificate.

  • Foreign transfer credit must be evaluated by Education Credential Evaluators (ECE), please go to:

  • Military transfer credit may be awarded upon evaluation of the Joint Services Transcript. The Joint Services Transcript (JST) can be ordered at no cost online.

  • Four (4) Physical Education (FWS) credits will automatically be awarded to students who have completed basic training.

Note: RVC now accepts FOUR credit hours of 100-level FWS activity courses toward graduation AND RVC also allows students to REPEAT the same 100-level FWS activity course for up to FOUR credits toward graduation. IMPORTANT FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION:  Students retaking a previously passed class may have the repeated class count toward financial aid enrollment only once.

The evaluation of transfer credit may require course descriptions/syllabi to complete the transfer credit process. Course content must be equal to a Rock Valley College course in order to transfer in equivalent credits. Vocational elective credit may be awarded if Rock Valley College does not offer an equivalent course.

Note: Vocational elective credit cannot be used towards degree completion.