Rock Valley College

Admission FAQs

Do I need to apply for financial aid?

You are not required to apply for financial aid. However, we strongly suggest that you consider applying since you may be eligible for monetary aid that you are currently unaware of.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! A listing of RVC scholarships and application materials can be viewed here or are available from the Financial Aid office in the Student Center. If you have specific questions, you may contact our Financial Aid office at (815) 921-4150.

How will you determine if I am accepted to RVC?

Rock Valley College has an open door admissions policy that allows anyone interested in taking classes, regardless of their past academic performance, the opportunity to do so. A few select programs do, however, have specific admissions criteria. For those particular programs and their requirements refer to the college catalog.

How will I know which classes to take my first semester?

Your scores from the Assessment Tests and/or the ACT/SAT-I will help counselors assess which classes are most appropriate for your first semester at RVC.

Will the classes I take at RVC transfer to other colleges?

Yes! As long as you take the correct types of classes they will transfer to most colleges in Illinois. If you are planning on transferring to an out-of-state institution, our counselors will help you to choose your classes accordingly.

Who should I see if I have a physical or learning disability?

You should make an appointment to meet with Cara Vande Voorde, the Accommodations Specialist in the Disability Support Services department. Appointments can be scheduled at (815) 921-2371. It is recommended to schedule an appointment prior to taking the Placement Test to determine what accommodations may be available.

When does registration begin?

Please refer to our current registration dates.

When do classes begin?

Our Academic Calendar provides semester start and end dates as well as dates of final exams, and days the college is closed, including holidays and winter break and spring breaks.

How soon should I begin the process of getting started at Rock Valley College?

You should start as soon as possible so that you will have a greater selection of courses to choose from. As time progresses, certain courses are likely to fill.

If I want to learn more about Rock Valley College before I begin this process, who should I meet with?

You should make an appointment to meet with a member of our Admissions team. Call us at (815) 921-4250 and we will be happy to discuss your options!

Do I need a parking pass ?

No, we do not require students to have parking passes at Rock Valley College. If you have questions about tickets and/or traffic policies and procedures please call the Rock Valley College Police Department (located in the Support Services Building) at (815) 921-4350.