Rock Valley College

Enrollment Information Form

We're happy you are considering taking the next step in your education at Rock Valley College!

The first thing you will need to do is complete an Enrollment Information Form, regardless of the program of study or courses you intend to complete.

You have a few options for completing the Enrollment Information Form:

  1. Complete the Enrollment Information Form online.
  2. Print the Enrollment Information Form, complete it, and mail or deliver it to the Admissions office at 3301 North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL 61114-5699. The form is a PDF file and can be opened using Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Reader, download it free from Adobe.
  3. Stop by the Information Center in the Student Center on our main campus (3301 North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL) to fill out a form in-person.

Enrollment Information Forms are also located at most local high schools and libraries. If you would like one sent to you, please complete our information request form.


Rock Valley College has an open door admission policy, which means educational opportunities are available to anyone who wants to further his/her education and/or skills. Admission to degree and certificate programs requires students to have completed a high school diploma or GED certificate. Admission to Community or Continuing Education courses do not have such requirements.

A non-graduate 16 or 17 years of age who has severed his or her connection with the high school system, as certified in writing by the chief executive officer (or designee) of the high school district in which the student had legal residence, or a non -graduate 18 years of age or older, may be admitted if he or she demonstrates the capacity to benefit from programs and courses offered by the college.

High school students, age 16 and older, may be admitted to selected courses upon the written approval of their high school principal (or designee) and their parent or guardian. Students under age 16 must receive written approval of these individuals as well as interview with the Early College office. For more information call Early College at (815) 921-4080.