Rock Valley College

Tuition Refunds

Rock Valley College has determined students may receive a tuition refund upon dropping credit courses based on the following guidelines. In each case if the student drops courses by the specified date, all tuition and fees are refunded.  There is no prorated schedule for tuition and fee refunds.  See our Important Dates for more.

Tuition refund requests should be made to the Records & Registration office during normal business hours. Refunds will be made according to the following schedule: 

16-week course (fall-spring)- 100% refund:

Before or during first nine business days of semester. No refund given after the ninth business day. 

4-15 week course- 100% refund:

On or before fourth business day from start of class. No refund given after fourth business day. 

Less than 4 week course- 100% refund:

On or before third business day from start of class. No refund given after third business day.

  • The college reserves the right to make the final decision on all refunds.
  • It is the student's responsibility to know the refund dates for their courses.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute a drop in a course nor qualify students for a refund.
  • Failure to drop a course properly may result in a failing grade.
  • No refunds will be granted when a student is dismissed or suspended from the college for disciplinary reasons.
  • It is the student's responsibility to drop themselves from a course.
  • Saturdays are scheduled course days and are used in the calculation of business days.


No tuition refund will be granted following the refund date. If extenuating circumstances exist (i.e., military activation, death of immediate family member, or a serious medical condition) a student may submit a Tuition Appeal Form with supporting documentation to the Records & Registration office. An appeal does not automatically result in a refund. Appeals must be made no later than the term in which the course occurred.