Rock Valley College

Add, Drop and Withdrawal of a course

Once You Have Registered for Courses

  • You can add or drop courses before the semester begins by using Online Services or in person in the Records & Registration Office.

After Courses Begin

Adding a Course (Schedule Adjustment Period)

  • If you are currently enrolled in RVC courses you may add a course during the first seven days of the semester.
  • You must obtain an Authorization to Add Form from the faculty member teaching the course. The form must be submitted to the Records & Registration office prior to attending the course.

Auditing a Course


  • If you wish to audit a course without receiving credit you must visit the Records and Registration office.
  • If auditing a course, you must pay full tuition and fees.
  • Changes may be made from credit to audit, or vice versa, only during the open registration period.  Audits are not allowed for non-credit courses.

Dropping a Course

  • You may drop a course prior to the last Day for tuition refunds.
  • A drop means the course is "erased" from your record so that the transcript will not show you attempted the course.
  • If the course was already paid for, a refund will be generated.
  • You may drop courses during the specified period in-person or in Online Services.

Withdrawing from a Course

  • You may withdraw from a course after the last Day for tuition refunds and before the last Day to withdraw.
  • A withdraw means the course remains on your academic record.
  • A "W" will be listed and no refund will be given.
  • The "W" mark does not impact your GPA but may impact the your financial aid.
  • You may withdraw from courses using our online form.

What is an Administrative Withdrawal?

Rock Valley College reserves the right to administratively withdraw at midterm those students who are not actively pursuing the course. You may also be withdrawn for emergency or disciplinary reasons or if you are enrolled in courses inconsistent with placement testing and course prerequisites.