Rock Valley College

Records and Registration Forms

The Records and Registration Team has included copies of important forms for easy access. All forms can be submitted to our records email: Our office will follow up on all forms submitted and request additional documentation as needed. Please reach out to us by email for further assistance, or with any questions you have.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rock Valley College Students should submit all forms and documentation directly from their student email. Contact us for help with email access or additional questions.

  • FERPA FORM: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act is designed to protect the rights and privacy of students and their records. This form allows a student to give any individual of their choice the right to review and obtain student records and information. 
  • INFORMATION UPDATE FORM: The purpose of this form is to inform Rock Valley College of a change in student information, such as contact information (address, phone, email, etc.), or your social security number.
  • DEGREE/CERTIFICATE CURRICULUM CODE GUIDE:  This guide provides students with the code used to identify their program of study. This is helpful when requesting to update a program of study, completing a transcript evaluation form, or filling out a graduation application.
  • TRANSCRIPT EVALUATION FORM: Please complete this form if you are a student that is planning to complete a program of study at Rock Valley College and need an evaluation to receive potential transfer credit.
  • GRADUATION APPLICATION: Students may use this form in order to apply for graduation. Please fill out this form with your advisor prior to submitting it to the Records and Registration office. 
  • GRADE REPORT FORM: This form allows a student to request a report of the grades earned after final grades post. This is not an unofficial or official transcript. A grade report is very much a “report card” that students can request for employers, insurance companies, etc.