Rock Valley College

Chosen/Preferred First Name

Students who would like to use a name other than their legal first name within the campus community are able to enter a chosen first name, update an existing chosen first name, or delete an existing chosen first name through the Records Office.

Chosen first names will be viewable in the following ways:

  • Faculty/Instructors will see a student’s chosen first name, if one exists, and legal last name if they are granted permission. Otherwise, the legal first and last name will appear.  Use your chosen first name on scantrons, tests, and other items that are handed in since the instructor will see that chosen name on the roster.
  • Advisors and college administrative staff will see a student’s chosen and legal first name.
  • Online directories will display the preferred first name, if one exists, and legal last name, otherwise the legal first and last name.
  • The RVC student ID can display either the Chosen Name or Legal name.
  • Students who wish to enter or update a preferred first name should submit this attached form to the RVC Records Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.
  • Chosen Names can be printed on Diplomas and Certificates upon request.

Contact the Records Office at (815) 921-4250 or with questions about preferred first name for students.

What is my chosen first name? How can I set or change it?

Students may designate a chosen first name*, which certain College systems will then use. These systems include class rosters, the display name in Colleague, and the display name in a number of learning management systems (e.g., Eagle, Canvas, and Online Services), and most college directories. The College will also retain your full legal name, which is used when required by the College, such as in tax documents, contracts, academic transcripts, diplomas, and certain health records. For further details, students can refer to the Records Office.

To set or change your chosen first name:

Students - Please use this request form.

Acceptable uses of chosen first names include:

  • A middle name instead of first name
  • An abbreviated name (Rob instead of Robert, Manny instead of Emmanuel)
  • An Americanized name (Wendy instead of Haiyan)
  • A name to which you are in the process of legally changing
  • A name that better represents your gender identity

You may not use your chosen first name to misrepresent who you are, nor may you use any profane or offensive language in your preferred first name. Your chosen first name is subject to approval by College administration, and those who intentionally misuse the chosen first name option may be subject to disciplinary action.

A chosen first name may take several days to appear in all systems that display preferred first names.