Rock Valley College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Records and Registration

For credit students:

Students who are new to RVC and planning to take credit courses toward completion of a degree or certificate.

  • Complete an application to RVC. If you are returning and have not attended RVC in the last two years you will need to complete a new form.

  • Meet our placement testing requirement.  This requirement may be met in three ways:

    1. Taking the placement test in the Testing Center.  You must complete English, math, and reading portions of the computerized exam.  Walk in testing is available from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Thursday, or reservations to test may be made by calling (815) 921-2380.

    2. Receiving a waiver for appropriate ACT or SAT-I scores.  You must submit score report or high school transcript listing scores to the Records and Registration office.  Scores older than three years may not be used for a waiver.

    3. Receiving a waiver based on prior college course completion and/or degree or certificate completion.  You must submit college transcript, grade reports, and/or diploma to Records and Registration office.

  • Register for and attend a Getting Started Session. The session will assist you with your transition to Rock Valley College.

    You can
    register for a session now or call (815) 921-4080. You will receive information regarding the registration process, residency, tuition options, prerequisites, deadlines, and other essential Rock Valley College information. You will receive a course catalog with information on our transfer and career education programs. You will also learn about our course schedules and Online Services.

For Community and Continuing Ed students:

Registering and paying for Community and Continuing Education courses is easy! Simply pick one of the following convenient options.

  1. Online: Online registration is fast, secure and available 24/7! Visit Online Services to register and pay for your classes from the comfort of home.
  2. In-person: Come in and visit with one of our excellent registration staff members. Register and pay with cash, check, or credit card at our payment center.
  3. Mail: Download our registration form and mail it in with a check.

If you have questions about courses offered, call the Community Education office at (815) 921-3900.

Rock Valley College is an open admission community college, which means any student who applies to the college, regardless of background or ability, is accepted. 

There are a few programs (Nursing, Respiratory Care, Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technology and Aviation Maintenance) that are competitive and students must pass through a selective admissions process.

Please visit our important dates page for specific dates and remember to check your RVC Gmail account for your priority registration date notification.

Priority registration offers current RVC students advantages in registration as they complete hours toward degree/certificate they can register earlier in the priority week in order to get the classes they need. 

The priority model will be in effect for the first week of registration for fall and spring semesters only.  It will be repeated on registration dates following a payment deadline. 

The number of credit hours earned determines the registration date.  Total hours earned is computed based on the number of hours that you have earned on your UG (courses numbered 100 and above) RE (courses numbered below 100) Rock Valley College transcript and any coursework transferred in.

  • Day 1 = 32/+ credit hours earned          
  • Day 2 = 16/+ credit hours earned       
  • Day 3 = 0 credit hours earned or currently enrolled in the current semester with zero hours earned            

Walk-in:  Main Campus: 3301 N Mulford Road, Records and Registration Office, Student Center top floor.  Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Fridays - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Stenstrom Center for Career Education: 4151 Samuelson Road, Student Development Office, (815) 921-4146

Learning and Opportunity Center: Stewart Square Building, 308 West State Street, (815) 921-4290

Online: RVC Online Services

  • Via RVC Online Services

  • Walk-in: Records and Registration office, Student Center, second floor, Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Fridays - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • Phone: (815) 921-4269

  • Mail: Rock Valley College, 3301 N. Mulford Road, Rockford, IL 61114-5699

You can find this information either via Online Services or on our online schedule.

Yes. For example:  If the BIO-185 NBD2 is full, an alert will pop up in red that states: “Course Filled - Either add to wait list or look for an available section.”

  1. During the normal online services registration process, wait listing is offered to you when you attempt to register for a class and find that it is full.
  2. If you want to be added to the wait list you will need to use the drop down menu and choose the wait list option for the specific course.
  3. You will then receive an alert that states, “The following REQ (request) has been processed." This is only to inform you that you have been added to the wait list. It does not yet guarantee you a seat for the class.

    *All holds and pre-reqs will be checked prior to offering an open seat to a student on the wait list.

  4. When a seat becomes available, if you are next in line on the wait list (the wait list rank can be viewed through the "Manage My Wait List" option in the Online Services menu), you will receive an e-mail via your RVC Mail account informing you that a seat is available*. The responsibility then rests with you to register for the class (see below) within two days or you will forfeit the opportunity to obtain the seat.

The best method is for you to print your unofficial transcript from Online Services. You may also pick up an unofficial transcript by visiting the Records and Registration office and showing a photo ID.

You can order an official transcript through our website or you can visit the Records and Registration office during normal business hours with a photo ID and by filling out a transcript request form.

Online orders can either be sent by mail or by electronic delivery. Paper transcripts mailed or picked up in person are $7. Electronic delivery of transcripts can only be orderd online and cost $8. Please see link above for more details on ordering transcripts.

Transcripts of work completed at other institutions become a part of the student's record at Rock Valley College and are not released for re-distribution. Copies must be obtained from the institution where the courses were completed.

All changes to student records must be done by you, the student, in person/through Online Services, fax or mail.  Many changes or requests will require additional documentation please refer to the form for requirements.

You may drop a course prior to the Last Day for Tuition Refunds. 

A drop means the course is “erased” from your record so that a transcript will not show you attempted the course. 

You may withdraw from a course after the Last Day for Tuition Refunds and before the Last Day to Withdraw. 

A withdraw means the course remains on the student’s academic record but will be listed as a “W”.  The “W” mark does not impact the student’s GPA but may impact a student’s financial aid. 

Deadlines for Tuition Refunds and Withdrawal are noted in the credit schedule as well as on our website.  You may drop courses during the specified period in person, or Online Services. 

You may only withdraw from courses in-person.

The college’s Board of Trustees establishes tuition and fee charges each year.  For the current charges, refer to the appropriate class schedule.  There are rates for students who live within District 511 (the Rock Valley College district), rates for students living in Illinois but outside of District 511, and rates for students living outside Illinois (includes international students).  Residency status is determined based on the information the student provides when he/she applies for admission.

Residency guidelines exist to allow individuals who reside within the District 511 boundaries to pay the lowest tuition rates.  This is done because these individuals are helping to fund the College via their property taxes.  To be considered an in-district resident, you must reside in District 511 for at least 30 days prior to the start of classes.  If you work in District 511 full time you may also receive in-district tuition rates.  Verification of residency must be provided to the Records office in order to change residency status.  Documents used for verification include utility bills, lease/mortgage, proof of employment, etc. 

For specific questions regarding payments, such as account balance, payment options, payment receipt, etc, transfer the caller to Accounts Receivable at (815) 921-4414.

Grades are accessed through Online Services or a request can be made for them in writing.

You should contact instructor immediately.

It takes several weeks for processing at the end of each semester after grades are submitted. Diplomas are mailed to students and should arrive in 4-6 weeks from the end of the semester. 

In order for you to receive a diploma, you must submit a Graduation Application by the dates posted in the schedule and website.

You should contact the Academic Advising Department to fill out a request to overload. 

Approval for overloads (taking more than the maximum number of allowable credit hours—18 for fall, 18 for spring, 6 for summer I, and 9 for summer II) will be processed by the dean and you will be notified.

We no longer complete the Loan Deferment forms. 

You should direct your lenders or employers to the National Student Clearinghouse:

Yes, only the grade of the final repetition will be computed in your grade point average (GPA), but all attempts will be listed on the transcript. If you choose to audit a course, it will not be considered a repeat or counted in the GPA. This does not apply to grades earned at other colleges.

It is important to note that other colleges may count all grades for repeated courses when arriving at a GPA.

It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the policy of the college(s) to which you plan to transfer to. If you have a specific question regarding repeating a course, contact the specific department or the Records & Registration Office for more information.

If you are assigned to RDG 080 (or RDG 096, RDG 099), you must receive a grade of "C" or better in order to register for any courses other than basic skills courses. If you receive three non-passing grades (D, F, or W) in a developmental math course within a five-year period, you're not allowed to re-enroll for another math class at Rock Valley College without permission of the Dean of Mathematics.

To be eligible for the President's List and Dean's List for a given semester, you must earn at least 12 credit hours of college course work which count toward a certificate or degree.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements and earn at least a 3.25 GPA will be named to the Dean's List (fall and spring semesters only). Students who meet the eligibility requirements and earn at least a 4.0 GPA will be named to the President's List (fall and spring semesters only).

Full-time students:

Students enrolled in twelve (12) semester hours of course work or more during the fall, spring, or summer terms shall be considered full-time. The summer term consists of summer session I and summer session II. The total amount of semester hours taken in summer I and summer II will determine the enrollment classification for the summer term. The recommended maximum academic load during fall or spring semesters is 18 credit hours, during Summer Session I is six credit hours, and Summer Session II is nine credit hours; registration for any additional hours must be approved by the Provost/Chief Academic Officer of Academic Affairs. 

*A petition for academic overload is required and can be obtained in the Academic and Transfer Advising Office, on the second floor of the Student Center.

Part-time students:

Students enrolled in one to eleven (1-11) semester hours of course work during the fall, spring, or summer terms shall be considered part-time. Students enrolled in less than six (6) semester hours of course work during any term shall be considered less than half-time.

Students are awarded credit for classes on the basis of in class time and out-of-class student work.  A Rock Valley College semester credit hour for students is equal to a minimum of 150 minutes of work per week for a semester.  For example, lecture classes, a semester credit hour consists of the equivalent of at least one hour (a 50 minute period) per week of in class time and two hours per week of out-of-class student work for 16 weeks.  Upon successful completion of that 1 credit hour course, a student will be awarded 1 credit hour toward their cumulative credit hour total.