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RVC & Me Podcast

Join the Admissions team as they break down the college scaries and help students start their journey at Rock Valley College.

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Episode 1: RVC & Pants

Welcome to our first episode! Get to know Stephanie Blanck, Claudia Consuelos, Casey Hauser and Joe Woolford, better known as your RVC Admissions Team. We discuss our college journeys as well as our most embarrassing experiences, so come share some laughs!


Episode 2: RVC & Apps

On this episode Joe talks about his college journey and how he got to RVC. We also discuss the enrollment form, providing clarifications to common errors we see. Then we answer the controversial question on everyone's mind: when do you put up your holiday decorations?


Episode 3: RVC & Meetings

In this episode the Admissions Team discusses the importance of meeting with us and helping you plan out your academic goals. Some questions covered include: "What if I don't know what I want to do?", "What do I bring to a meeting?", "How do I schedule a meeting?" and more! Then for our "Question of the Week" the team talks about whether they believe in Bigfoot, Mermaids and/or Aliens.

RVC & Me Podcast Co-Hosts


Meet the Co-Hosts

Left to right: New Student Enrollment Coordinators Claudia Consuelos-Cabrera, Stephanie Blanck, Joseph Woolford, and Casey Hauser.