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New Student Welcome events give students an opportunity to learn about college expectations, available resources, and the chance to meet some members of the Rock Valley College community.

Spring 2023 New Student Welcome Dates

RVC Resource Videos

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Questions? Check out the quick tips below:

When do classes start? Visit RVC's College Calendar to find important dates. You can also check your schedule for class-specific start and end dates.

How do I access my schedule? You can Log in to Online Services at Then, go to the Students Menu and click on “My Class Schedule and Textbook List.” 

How do I find my classes? Your class schedule will you meeting times, buildings, rooms, etc. If you’d like a campus tour, visit the Information Center (Student Center, First Floor) to schedule one.

Will my schedule be the same every semester? You will be able to register for new classes every semester. See an Academic Advisor to discuss your classes.

Where do I access my Online Classes? You can access your course on EAGLE, RVC’s Learning Management System. Once your course is published, you can access your course materials. 

What is EAGLE? EAGLE is an online Learning Management System. Some instructors use it to post announcements, notes, quizzes, etc. EAGLE has an inbox, calendar, and other functions. Some RVC instructors will have you turn in your homework via EAGLE. To learn more about EAGLE, attend a Tech Connect Session.

How do I know what classes I need to take at RVC? The classes you need to take depend on your goals.  Classes vary by the degree you are pursuing, what you plan to major in, the catalog year you started in, etc. You should meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss what classes you need to reach your goals. 

Do I have to take summer classes? Summer classes are not mandatory, but they are a great option for some students. Meet with an Academic Advisor to plan your classes/degree.

Will I have an Academic Advisor assigned to me? At RVC, you don’t have an assigned Academic Advisor. To make an appointment to see an Advisor, call (815) 921-4100 or go to the second floor of the Student Center. New students may have a registration hold placed on their account if they do not have an appointment with an Advisor during their first semester. 

What are synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid classes?
  • Synchronous online classes will have a specific meeting time that you will need to log in to, most likely with an online conferencing tool such as Zoom. 
  • Asynchronous online classes do not have a specific meeting time, but require you to complete work by certain deadlines established by your instructor. 
  • Hybrid classes is taught partially online and partially in person. Hybrid classes can be synchronous or asynchronous.


How do I pay my tuition? You can pay in Online Services or visit the Payment Center on the Second Floor of the Student Center.


How do I know what books I will need? You can access your textbook list in Online Services. Your instructor will also let you know what is required in the course syllabus. 

Where can I buy my books? RVC has a bookstore on the ground level of the Student Center. If you use Financial Aid, there are certain dates you can use your award at the RVC bookstore (contact the Financial Aid office for details.) If you are paying out-of-pocket, you are free to purchase or rent your books where you like.

What’s my student email address? Your student email contains your Student ID number and ends in For example,

How do I access my student email? You can access your webmail on our website: Make sure to check your email regularly! 

Do I need to get a student ID? If so, where can I get it? Your student ID is FREE and will be needed for transactions in the bookstore, checking out library books, and other functions on campus. You can get it at the Information Center (Student Center, First Floor). 

What’s a college catalog? The college catalog is a college publication describing academic programs, student services, general regulations, requirements and procedures. The publication describes all classes offered by the institution. It is available in the Bookstore or online. Your catalog year refers to the academic year you were first started at RVC. Your catalog year is important because you follow the curriculum requirements that were in effect that academic year. For example, if you were admitted in Fall 2013, your catalog year is 2013-2014.

What if I don’t do well in my classes? College-level classes are challenging, but RVC has a variety of resources to help you succeed. Students are encouraged to visit RVC’s Writing Center, Tutoring Center, Library, Math Lab, and other campus resources. These resources are paid for with your student fees, so make sure to use them!

I had a disability/ IEP in high school. What should I do at RVC? If you had an IEP in high school or a diagnosed disability, contact our Disability Support Services office to discuss options for accommodations at RVC. They can be reached at (815) 921-2371 and are located on the ground floor of the Student Center. 

Do I need a parking permit? No, parking is free and first-come/first-serve.

Where can I buy food on campus? Subway and Papa John’s are located in the Student Center. There are a variety of vending machines on campus and the Bookstore has quick snacks for sale as well!

How can I make new friends at RVC? Get involved on campus! Join a club or organization, try out for a team, attend a workshop, or get a job on campus. Need help knowing where to start? Talk to a Peer Mentor in the First Year Experience office (located on the first floor of the Student Center) or visit the Student Life office (also on the first floor of the Student Center.) Also, make sure to follow RVC on social media to find out what’s happening on campus.

Is there anyone on campus that I can talk to if I’m feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Yes, we have a Personal Success Counselor who is located on the second floor of the Student Center. You can make an appointment by calling (815) 921-4105.