Rock Valley College

Financial Aid Mission Statement

To assist students and families seeking resources to finance a post secondary education by administering comprehensive federal, state and institutional aid programs in a student centered environment.

To accomplish this mission we will:

  • Provide quality customer service to students from a knowledgeable and professional staff committed to providing accurate, clear information appropriate to their individual needs.
  • Provide accessibility and opportunities for students to apply for financial aid via computers, forms, publications and personalized assistance.
  • Award financial aid in an equitable and consistent manner.
  • Protect the privacy of students and assure the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances.
  • Respect the dignity and diversity of each student.
  • Evaluate and update our programs regularly to ensure effectiveness.


Invest in Your Future

Hundreds of students each year choose to start their future at Rock Valley College because of the incredible value RVC offers. Students attending RVC full-time will typically pay less than $5,000 in tuition during the two years they're enrolled. That's less than the cost of one year's tuition at a state university.

Nearly half of our students receive some financial assistance in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment programs. Several local organizations and individuals offer private scholarships. The amounts of awards vary and can help defray the costs of your courses, books, and living expenses.