Rock Valley College

Placement Testing and Prerequisites

To enroll in college-level courses you must satisfy course placement tests or course prerequisites where applicable to assure that you have the same qualifications and preparation as all college students.

You must be aware of the following:

  • Enrollment in any college level course requires you to test and pass a college placement exam in Reading.
  • Enrollment in English, Speech, Literature, and/or Mathematics courses require appropriate placement tests, ACCUPLACER Placement Test, in those areas prior to registration. ACT/SAT scores may be submitted for evaluation and possible waiver from all or portions of the ACCUPLACER Placement Test.
  • Enrollment in CTE programs requires you to test and pass a college level placement exam in Reading. Specific programs may have additional requirements for testing on the ACCUPLACER Placement Test.

Testing Center Services

Services for placement and testing are provided by the RVC Testing Center:

  • All students are required to complete the RVC placement test. Rock Valley College uses ACCUPLACER, an online placement test featuring a computer-based format, unlimited time and immediate scores. Testing is available on an individual basis in the Testing Center, located on the lower level of the Student Center on our main campus.
  • Group testing for a maximum of 40 high school students at the main campus may be arranged. Call Early College for testing arrangements at (815) 921-4080.
  • Re-tests for Reading, English, and/or Mathematics are the responsibility of each individual student and must be completed at the RVC Testing Center.


Students who prepare for ACCUPLACER do better. It’s true!

We recommend that you start by visiting the Accuplacer Prep section of our Placement Test page.