Rock Valley College

Early College Admissions

Commitment and Preparation of Students

If you are accepted for enrollment in college-level courses you must demonstrate the following:

  • appropriate academic qualifications
  • high level of motivation
  • adequate time to devote to studying a college-level course

You will be required to meet all college criteria and follow all college procedures for enrolling in courses. It is important to be aware that as a dual credit student you are beginning your official college transcript. Grades earned in dual credit classes will be part of your record throughout your college career.

Student Enrollment Procedures

Course Selection
Select a dual credit course when completing your schedule for the next high school academic year with the recommendation of your high school counselor, principal and/or parent/guardian. Dual credit courses may be offered on RVC’s campus or at your local high school.
Submit the completed RVC Dual Credit Enrollment Information Form to the Recruitment & Admissions office.
Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Agreement
Submit a completed Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Agreement form signed by the student, parent/guardian and high school principal/counselor.  Submit the completed form at the time of registration to Early College.