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First Tuesday Lecture Series

All RVC First Tuesday Lectures are held in the Student Center Atrium on RVC's main campus. All lectures start at 6 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Lectures are free and open to the general public. Refreshments are served 30 minutes prior to each lecture start time. For more information call Kathy McCarty at (815) 921-4009.

First Tuesday Lecture

March 3, 2020

Dissecting Flat-Earth Conspiracies

Presented by Brian Wagner, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Conspiracy theories have become more prominent with the invention of the internet. Recently there has been a movement of the flat earth society that seeks to discredit the globe model of the earth and all the science with it. For this reason, it can become very dangerous. Professor Wagner will examine the various arguments that flat-earthers put forward, dissect their theories, and demonstrate how conspiracy theories become so convincing in spite of counter-evidence.

April 7, 2020

Addressing the Economic Cost of Domestic Violence

Co-presented by Dr. Michael Youngblood, Professor of Economics and
Sierra Kellen, Project Manager for the Family Justice Center Grant

Dr. Youngblood has been invited by the Mayor’s office to serve on the committee comprised of law enforcement, social services and the healthcare industry, to develop a Family Justice Center, a multi-disciplinary, co-located service center providing services to victims of inter-personal violence for the Rockford area. Dr. Youngblood’s role on the committee is to help estimate the individual and community costs of intimate partner violence (IPV). He will present an overview of the economic cost of inter-personal violence to both the victim and the community. Ms. Kellen will provide specific details about the Family Justice Center.

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