Rock Valley College

Final Exams

Need to know when and where your final exams are taking place?

Your final exam information should be listed on the syllabus provided by your instructor at the beginning of the semester. Please refer to your syllabus first and foremost.

If you can't find the information on your syllabus, try contacting the specific instructor either through RVC EAGLE or via the college directory for each course or call the appropriate faculty support office for your specific course(s) (see contact info listed below).

Allied Health & Nursing (815) 921-3261

Arts & Social Sciences (815) 921-3317

Aviation & Engineering (815) 921-3101

Business & Learning Support (815) 921-3113

Communications & Humanities (815) 921-3338

Math & Science (815) 921-3471

Transitional Opportunities & Career Education (815) 921-3203