Rockford, Illinois

Distance Learning

Student on a laptop

IMPORTANT: As a distance learning student in either an online or hybrid it is your responsibility to log on to EAGLE at https://rvceagle.instructure.com prior to the start of class for information on Introduction to EAGLE course, EAGLE training, or to contact your instructor. That way you will be assured you have received the necessary information you need to start the class. ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGY FEES FOR INTERNET COURSES ARE $50 PER COURSE.

 At Rock Valley College we've set up distance learning opportunities so you can learn anytime, anyplace, as your schedule dictates.  Take one of our convenient online courses or a telecourse where you can learn from the comfort of your own living room.  A hybrid course combines face-to-face classroom meetings and distance learning activities.  Distance learning education courses do require access to basic technology and the self-discipline to progress independently.

Online courses

Online courses are delivered over the Internet.  Credit, content and assignments are the same for these classes as for standard lecture courses.  Students will be expected to do research on the Internet, join in electronic group discussions with other students, and/or access their professors via e-mail.  An occasional face-to-face meeting with other students and the professor may be required.

Are online courses right for you?  They are, if you have the right equipment (or can come to campus for free use of the necessary equipment), basic computer skills and the discipline to learn by working almost exclusively on the computer.

Hybrid courses

A hybrid course is an online course that requires students to visit the RVC campus during the semester for testing, lab work, or scheduled class meetings.  The number and type of campus visits vary from one course to another.  These courses are marked in the schedule with an H.  For detailed information regarding class meetings, log on to http://www.rockvalleycollege.edu/LMS.


Telecourses allow students to view videotapes or DVDs keyed to the class textbook in their own homes at times convenient to them.  They need to come to campus a very limited number of times, and are in contact with the course instructor by phone, e-mail, or fax.  Credit, content and assignments are the same for these courses as for the standard lecture courses delivered on campus.  The video lessons for each telecourse may be recorded each week from Rockford Comcast Cable Channel 20.  In addition, copies are on reserve in the RVC library and at various public libraries throughout our district.  Also, a limited number of video/DVD sets may be borrowed from the RVC Library circulation desk for the entire semester.