Rock Valley College

Academic Forgiveness

Academic forgiveness is the one-time elimination of up to a maximum of 15 semester hours of “D” or “F” grades in courses numbered 100 or above received at Rock Valley College. Academic forgiveness applies to the calculation of a grade point average (GPA) at RVC and does not result in the deletion of those grades from the transcript. RVC does not guarantee that a receiving transfer institution will honor RVC’s Academic Forgiveness Policy.

To be eligible for academic forgiveness:

  1. Students may petition for academic forgiveness for a maximum of 15 semester hours of “D” or “F” grades which have been earned in any 365-day period.
  2. A period of 12 months must have elapsed between the date of the request for forgiveness and the end of the last semester in which the undesirable grades were earned.
  3. Petitions shall include: 

    a. A list of those courses to be considered for academic forgiveness. 

    b. A statement which contains pertinent information regarding the receipt of the undesirable grades and an indication of serious intent to continue academic studies.
  4. To be considered for academic forgiveness, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits of subsequent course work at a 2.0 GPA at RVC or another regionally accredited institution. 
  5. Academic forgiveness does not apply to courses which have been repeated and completed with grades of A, B, C, D, or F. 
  6. Special circumstances will be reviewed by the Provost/Chief Academic Officer.
  7. It is recommended that students meet with an Academic Advisor to review courses that may be eligible for academic forgiveness.

Petitions/forms may be obtained from the Records and Registration Office. Eligible students may apply for consideration for academic forgiveness to the Provost/Chief Academic Officer. 

In the case of curriculum changes and the cancellation or withdrawal of courses, every effort will be made to substitute current course work to fulfill certificate or degree requirements.

Course substitutions must be approved in writing by the appropriate academic chairperson, or dean. The student has the ultimate responsibility to fulfill the requirements for the certificate or degree, to check the eligibility to take courses and to observe the academic rules governing the program.

The rules given apply only to requirements for certificates and degrees. All students are subject to the academic regulations stated in the most recent college catalog.

  • Transfers: Students who complete any courses (including final ones) from another college, must submit official transcripts as soon as possible and submit a transcript evaluation request.
  • Timing: Graduation requirements may be completed during any semester; however, if a program cannot be completed as planned, notify the Records Analyst immediately.
  • Application: Students must submit an application for graduation approved by an Academic Advisor to the Records and Registration Office, located on the second floor of the Student Center, on the Main Campus.

Deadlines for application are:

March 1 – Spring
June 1 – Summer
October 1 – Fall

Note: Summer graduates planning to participate in the graduation ceremony must meet the spring application deadline.